Twitter Inc. Keeps 140 Character Limit – To Stay True To Itself

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The social media website might be going through a rough patch, it might be unable to attract users however it is keeping its identify intact.

After much consideration, the chief executive officer of Twitter Inc. has announced that the micro-blogging company will be keeping the 140-character limit word count. The social media company was contemplating to increase the word count for a while now however with the final decision those rumors can be put to rest now. On Friday at the NBC’s Today show, Jacky Dorsey when asked regarding the matter simply stated that ‘It’s staying’.

The speculations regarding the character count limit started back in January when a rumor ticked off that the social media website will be removing the character count on the Tweets although. However this latest development might come as a relief for all those who were against the idea of an increased character count on the website to share their opinions and views regarding certain events.

Jack Dorsey talked about the important of the word count and stated that it’s a constraint for the company as people can be as concise as they want with their Tweet and allows to them instantly in the spur of the moment, with limited words share how they feel.

Presently, the CEO of the networking organization has been in the spotlight because of the performance of Twitter in recent times. Mr. Dorsey, who is also the CEO of a payment company Square have been receiving a lot of negativity as people are blaming him for the slowdown in the user growth – and at this point many are questioning his ability to run two companies simultaneously.

Twitter Inc. has been looking for different ways to make its platform more engaging and attractive for users. Back in August 2015, it increased the character count limit from 140 to 10,000 characters in its direct messages. The management of the microblogging giant has continuously been working on user engagement and user growth however most of those efforts have gone in vain till now.

In addition to that, it also introduced an algorithm based timeline with the help of which users were able to view posts on their feeds by relevance instead of showing tweets in chronological order. This was yet another upgrade on the company’s part to attract users towards the social media platform that did not work too well in its favor either. Many users stated that Twitter was trying to copy Facebook Inc., the largest social media platform on the planet.

Sean Parker, the co-founder of Napset, talking to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang stated that Twitter should differ itself from Facebook, for instance it should not consider itself as a social media platform anymore, instead the company should turn it’s a news website. He added that it is not a ‘closely knit community’ as Facebook is, as the survival of the website has been on the relationships that are based on celebrities and politicians so far.

Having said that, we can see that twitter will still not go of what it considers its competitive advantage in the industry which is its word limit – it believes that is what differentiates it from all the social networks and this move is bound to earn some appreciation for the network.


Facebook, Inc.’s Oculus Welcomes Users to the Virtual Reality World

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Oculus users will be able to integrate their Facebook accounts with the virtual reality headgear; its time to step into the world of virtual reality.

Facebook Inc.’s much anticipated Oculus Rift, which is perhaps the biggest, most popular virtual reality headset in the industry, had its first ever pre-launch event in San Francisco recently. The launch of the much awaited head gear is only a few weeks away. People at CNET got a chance to spend a whole day with the final version of the device to see how it works and what it is like to use it.

According to CNET, they only got a chance to play with half of the 41 games that have been made available on the product. The most important gadget with the gear is Oculus Touch which will not be available at once with the device but with the help of The Touch it becomes easier to move hands in space and grab things.

The Facebook owned platform has been gaining a lot of popularity on the social media lately. As per the new features on the device, users will be able to connect it with their Facebook accounts; the gear will allows users to watch 360 videos from the social media platform. Furthermore, they will be able to connect with their friends and Twitch streams with their Facebook friends in real time.

At this point, Oculus Gear’s integration with the social networking website is all about videos. The users who get their hands on the gears will need to download the Oculus Video app which should be directly installed once the user downloads the Oculus Gear VR app. As soon as the user installs both these apps on their device, they will require an update which will allow them to use the new social media features that have been made available on the platform.

After the installation stage, the user will be able to witness a list of Trending and Featured 350 degree videos which is the default menu screen of the virtual reality headset. Based on the pages and people you follow on the platform, you will be suggested with a list of videos, that you can choose from and enjoy the VR experience. In addition to that, any video that your friends or people you follow have shared on their Facebook profile will also be viewable to you.

This is just the beginning of the Virtual Reality fiasco, in a few weeks when the device is released with all its games and other features, users will be able to directly like and share the videos on their social media profiles. If a user has already been using the Gear VR app, they are likely to have an Oculus account – all they need to do now is add friends and follow people and they are good to go.

On the contrary, even though Oculus and HTC Vive, rival ritual reality gear run on the same Windows Operating System, it is not necessary that if a user buys a game for Oculus, the same game would work on Vive. Oculus stated that all the headsets communicate with the PC in a different way so it should be brought into the user’s attention that they might not be able to play with their friends if they are on a different headset.



Jack Dorsey To Take The Biggest Hit of Declining Stock Prices

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The CEO of Twitter and Square is no longer a billionaire as the share price of the payment solutions company drops below IPO.

It has been a rough couple of month for Twitter Inc., the social network website and Square, a payment services company, both run by Jack Dorsey. It’s becoming clearer to the CEO and Co-founder of the micro-blogging site just how difficult it is to become the chief executive officer of a company and run it. The decline in the share price of both the public trading companies affected the wallet of Mr. Dorsey a bit too much than expected.

As the CEO’s wealth was largely tied up with Square’s stock, the payment services organization went below its initial public offering –IPO on Wednesday. Mr. Dorsey, who was once a billionaire has now officially added to the list of the multimillionaires of the world. The net worth of Jack back in September was at $2.2 billion, according to the calculations at Forbes 400 however how his worth has fallen to $944 million. Times have not always been dark for Mr. Dorsey; back in September, 2012 he was on the list of FORBERS Billionaires, according to which the CEO’s net worth back then was $1.1 billion. He has a stake of 3.2% in the networking organization, making him the sixth largest shareholder.

For the first time ever since the payment solutions organization went public in November, 2015 the shares dropped below $9 indicating a drop of 35% since it went public. Subsequently, the social media network also hit its all-time low at the start of 2016, and in a year’s time is down by 57%. After about an hour and a half into the trading session on Wednesday, Twitter stock fell by 6% at $17.39 and Square stock fell by 11% at $8.46.

Additionally, a fake rumor has also surfaced overnight, according to which News Corp, a media giant, was about to buy or had already bought stake in Twitter. Surprisingly, this rumor surfaced on the media company’s own Marketwatch Site. A representative for the company informed Fairfax that this news was in fact untrue and no such stake has been bought or will be bought by the media organization.

This news might not be implausible since the publication giant back in 2005 did invest $580 million on the then social media website, MySpace – which was sold for only $35 million in the year 2011. After this investment the media network claimed that it was a huge mistake on their part.

Jack Dorsey was appointed the CEO of the micro-blogging site on October 5, 2015 after being the interim CEO for four months. He took over from Dick Costolo hoping to work on the user base of the social media.


Facebook, Inc. To Launch New Site For Finding Top-Rated Businesses

Facebook, Inc. To Launch New Site For Finding Top-Rated Businesses

The social media website will be taking on Yelp and Angie’s List by launching it’s own searching directory for local and, apparently, international business.

Facebook, Inc., considered as the best performing investment in the market, has redefined itself from a social media company to an Internet services company since it is tapping the e-commerce, crowdfunding, payment process and search engine markets as well. From these additions to platform, it is quite evident that the stock of the social media giant is only going to go higher from here.

At the trade session on Friday, the social media stock was being traded at $104.04 with a decline of $2.05%. This session commenced with a share price of $106.08; it was seen at a higher end of $106.59 and a low end of $103.97. Towards the end of the session the number of Facebook shares being traded was 35,994,199 shares. Current outstanding shares in the social media company are 2,827,994,100 shares.

Next step for one of the four biggest growth plays (rest three being Netflix, Inc. Amazon, and Google) is to launch a service by the name of “Professional Services”. According to, this new service will allow Facebook users to search and locate local businesses entirely on their ratings and reviews. The social network is very discretely working on this new feature by gathering and compiling a directory of such local businesses and professional service providers which include plumbers, salons, event managers, child care providers etc.

The largest social media network will be competing with the market leaders Angie’s List and Yelp; currently it is learning the strengths and weaknesses from both these professional service providers. Along with these two, Amazon and Google have been working on launching the same service as well. In March, the retail giant will be launching its “Home Services” nationwide while Google will launch an extension for the service. Facebook however is aiming at not just including local businesses but other types of business as well.

Earlier in December, the social media website stated that it has over 50 million active pages on its platform which was at 40 million as of April. To make the experience user friendly, the social media network has been providing its pages owners with new options every now and then, from the Buy Button to the calls for action option. These options don’t only make the experience better for the owner of the pages but also makes the communication between the customers and the owner more convenient.

According to, it seems that the facebook’s services option is not only for the business in the United States, as upon searching, it was found out that business in Europe, Asia and other countries were available on the website as well. Whatever it is that the social media giant is working on, is going to be big.