You Don’t Have To Be Live On Facebook’s Live

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The new feature of the social networking site let the users to post pre recorded content

Although the name suggests otherwise, however, the new video feature of the social networking giant, Facebook Live doesn’t need to be live. The latest tool of the social networking site is allowing the companies to post their “pre-recorded” content.

This feature is based on traditional methods adopted by TV networks for decades which air previously taped programs on a linear schedule.

Facebook has quite actively worked for making its live-video feature a success. Several media companies now think whether the upload of pre-recorded content may garner greater exposure in the news feed of the users in comparison with the traditional uploading of the content through the site’s non-live video posting feature.

A news company, NowThis –who generally use social platforms for its publications –conducted an experiment with the latest option in late April. This included streaming of company’s favorite viral videos through newly introduced Facebook Live. The video was 38 minute long and, according to Facebook’s counters, got over 20,000 views with over 500 comments.

NowThis President, Athan Stephanopoulos has said that since the feature is relatively in its infancy stage therefore the 38 minute video compilation was “a test and an experiment.” He further added, “We decided to take a bunch of viral videos and run them live. Then we were getting involved in the comments.”

A spokesman from the world’s most popular social networking site stipulated that the company doesn’t have any definite policy which abstain the user from uploading pre-recorded content. He further added that the main point of the feature is that the host/uploader of the content can interact with the viewers in real time.

Mr. Stephanopoulos added that the news agency may not instantly stream pre-recorded footage but it will consider making the most of Facebook’s new features of video.

The new feature is enabling several media companies for the promotion of their Web series by airing on Facebook Live at a certain time, in a similar fashion like linear television show. Once they have been streamed they can be used in the same fashion as normal Facebook videos.

Majority of media companies and publishers are increasing their experiments with Facebook novel live-streaming platform. The platform has brought a considerable amount of viewership.

A self-professed ‘millennial’ news site Mic has said that they will roll tape of the parts of the interview with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Mic’s chief strategy officer, Cory Haik, has expressed that the Live feature of Facebook enables the commenters to be more engaged with a real-time event.

The feature is currently in its initial phase and the time will tell how popular it will be and what future benefits it will hold for the social networking giant.

At the market which closed on Monday, Facebook Inc. stock stood at a price of $119.24.


Will Facebook Post Impressive Earnings This Quarter?

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A lot of tech companies have posted disappointing results but the analyst are hopeful with Facebook to post impressive earnings

If there is any company which can perform slightly better amidst the below the expected performance of the tech companies, it is Facebook Inc. The social networking giant has managed to garner remarkable growth, especially on mobile devices. It also has various revenue streams –on both long and short term horizon –particularly in virtual reality and messaging. The social networking behemoth will be celebrating its fourth anniversary of being a public-traded company and analysts are expecting it to post impressive first quarterly results due today –Wednesday.

According to the poll carried out by FactSet, the analysts have been expecting the $308 billion organization to post an EPS of $0.62 which is an increase of 48% in comparison with a year earlier period. Revenue is expected to sprang 48% and reached to $5.3 billion. Since its initial public offering, in 2012, the company has beaten the analysts’ expectations only once.

The social networking giant’s smooth transition to mobile has been beneficial. In the fourth quarter, close to 80% of the revenue was generated from the advertising on mobile. Just three years ago, the advertising revenue from mobile had been contributing merely one-quarter of the company’s total revenue. According to Nanigans, Facebook’s marketing partner, over the last quarter, the company’s spending on mobile, in comparison with the desktop, jump up 15% while the return on ad spend increased by 57% year-over-year. At the end of the last year, the average revenue per user for Facebook went up 33%. Through this, in the fourth quarter, Facebook was able to earn net income of slightly more than $1 billion.

This move sets a high bar for the tech stocks which have been already struggling in the tough market. The tech giant’s few peers including Netflix Inc., Microsoft Corp., and Google’s parent Alphabet Inc., along with companies like International Business Machines Corporation, and Intel Corporation have posted disappointing results during the on-going earnings season. The most valuable company of the world, Apple Inc. and the social networking site also posted lower-than-expected earnings late Tuesday. It is not unusual for the once “overachievers” to post disappointing results but Facebook is posing to have promising quarter.

The Menlo Park, CA firm’s forward multiple was close to “twice as high” following its trading debut in 2012. Apart from slight stock slumps which the company encountered during initial stages of turning into trading company, the stock has always jumped up and currently it has increased at about 30% compound annual clip.

The company has been actively involved in increasing its power over its apps fraternity. Facebook didn’t offer segregated accounts to disclose the distinct revenue details of each app run by it however the analysts from Credit Suisse are expecting the company’s Instagram app to contribute around 11% to company’s total revenue and earn approximately $3.2 billion in the current year.

The company’s most popular messaging apps WhatsApp and Messenger have not directly been moneymaking segment for the company but they have attracted a large number of users. WhatsApp –which now has a billion users –and Messenger –with 900 million users –offer end to end encryption to its users. Messenger is now also offering bot store which will help the users to bring down the over flow of the apps.

The company has also entered into the virtual reality and it has lately started selling Oculus Rift –VR gear for $599. According to the Wired, 400 out of 1200 employees at Facebook are working on virtual reality. Even though an immediate flow of cash is not expected out of the company’s VR segment but the mere entry of the company in the region proposed future possible income for the social networking titan.

At the market which closed on Tuesday, Facebook Inc. stock stood at a price of $108.76.

Facebook Owned Oculus Apologizes for Delay In Shipment

Facebook Owned Oculus Apologizes for Delay In Shipment

The social media network is ready to post its first earnings for fiscal year 2016 however its virtual reality is going to some trouble which they apologized for.

Oculus VR headset, owned by Facebook Inc. was scheduled to start shipping from Wednesday however the company shared some disappointing news with the users who had pre-ordered their headsets on Friday. The virtual reality device maker sent out a letter to all of its customers, apologizing for the recent delay that it announced for the deliveries. To make up for this inconvenience, the company stated that it will allow free shipping to compensate for the delay.

As per the letter, if a user placed an order for the VR device either before or on April 1, their deliveries will reach 10 days late however the company will bare all of the shipping cost and the user will only have the pay the cost of the device.

Brenden Iribe, the chief executive officer of Oculus even mentioned in a tweet that since the first shipment of the Oculus Rift is delayed and will not reach its customers on time, therefore the company will waive off any shipping charges for recompense for the inconvenience that was caused to the customers.

In the letter that the company sent to its customers, it stated that the management realizes how anxiously the customers were waiting to receive their Oculus Rift Headset and that they apologize for not updating the customer’s order status sooner. The reason that the company gave for the inconvenience was the unexpected shortage of components due to which the whole shipping schedule of the product was disturbed. The letter further stated that the customers will be able to view their order status on the company’s website by Tuesday April 12, 2016.

The delay did disappoint a number of fans however the makers of the headset stated initially that the first shipment was not going to declare the success or the failure of the headset anyway because it’s a new technology and ultimately everyone wants their hands on it. Furthermore, the founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey tweeted that it’s a technology that people will want before it becomes a technology that anyone can afford.

On the contrary, the stock of the social media website, despite this delay in the Rift’s shipment showed an upward trend as it jumped by 11% in the past three months. This upward trajectory can be attributed to the first quarter earnings call and the much anticipated F8 Developer Conference. However, many analysts, especially at Deutsche Bank are expecting the price of Facebook’s stock to go down after the first quarter earnings call. The social media company is scheduled to post its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2016 on April 20, 2016.

The analysts at Wall Street are predicting that the company will post adjusted earnings per share (EPS) of $0.623 and total revenue of $5.24 billion however the firm is expecting to fill the estimations of the Street as they conducted channel checks and according to them the company developed a mixed picture. A rating of Buy has been reiterated by the analysts at Deutsche Bank with a twelve month target price of $145; as the analysts at the financial services and research firm remain quite optimistic towards the future prospects of the social media network, although they highlighted a few drawbacks that the company could come across in the near future.

Facebook Inc. To Launch Data Center In Ireland

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The social media network is expanding its data center reach and next stop is Ireland.

Facebook’s next stop seems to be a small village in Ireland.

The social media giant announced over the weekend that it will be opening a new data center in a small village in Ireland. This data center will be built on a 227 acre area which will entirely be run on wind energy.

In a blog post, the Vice President of Site Operations Tom Furlong stated that by the year 2018 the site will be all set to handle web traffic. These data centers that the company has been opening all around the global clearly show that it handles way too much data. Currently there are data centers in Sweden, North Carolina, Iowa and Texas that manage all this data this crosses its network day in and day out. As of 3QFY15, the networking website had reported over 1.54 monthly active users. This will be the sixth location in which the social media network opens yet another data storage outlet.

This data center will be the second for the social media in Europe. The construction is expected to begin in the next few months and according to Facebook Inc. it will have top of the line technology making it the most efficient and sustainable place in the world. Since 2009 the social media has had its headquarters in Ireland which is led by Gareth Lambe who stated that he is quite exited for this investment. Additionally, he stated that with the investment of thousands of dollars put into the data center; it will be generating hundreds of jobs for the local community along with thousands of euros for the economy.

Presently, the cost of the project has not been revealed by the Site Operation’s president but according to VentureBeat, the data center in Fort Worth, Texas cost as much as $1 billion – so this project must be along those lines as well. Ever since the world moved towards the cloud computing technology; Facebook though it best to make its own location where it could store its websites data.

Despite of the fact that dealing with cloud storage is a tricky job but the social media is working on building reliable centers as it the website with a billion users cannot afford for the website to crash even once hence the major investment globally on these data centers. The website is following in the steps of Google – relying on its own cloud infrastructure for better productivity and increased efficiency.

A number of rumors have been circling around of Facebook opening a data center in Asia – according to the latest rumor, people were quite confident that the networking website will be opening one in Taiwan but after the weekend it was confirmed that Europe was the lucky continent.

On the other hand, the networking site has expected to report its earnings for the fourth quarter FY15 on January 27, 2016. Analysts remain quite optimistic about Facebook stock and are expecting that it will reveal improved results from the previous quarter. It is on its way to take over the virtual reality world as well with its Oculus Rift which, according to a number of people will release on March 28, 2016 – this launch is likely to up the game for Mark Zuckerberg’s creation.

Facebook’s WhatsApp is Seeking New Alternate Ways To Generate Revenue

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The social media giant’s acquisition WhatsApp, an instant messaging service is looking for different ways to generate revenue.

WhatsApp’s co-founder, Jan Koum stated at the Digital Life Design – DLD Conference held in Munich that it will be dropping the $1 subscription yearly cost from its revenue generation strategy and explore new ways to earn the revenue lost to connect again with the business. Ever since its inception, the company has been running on the same business model but now Facebook Inc. wants to explore new ways to generate revenue for the instant messaging application.

Ever since WhatsApp was acquired by the social media giant back in 2013 for a price of $22 billion its growth chart has been seen in an upward trend. Back in September of 2015, the active monthly users of the messaging app had reached over 900 million subscribers. The application is expected to cross the 1 billion mark of monthly active users soon enough.

After the acquisition of the app, many had predicted that Facebook would run it on the same monetizing platform that it applied to the social media website but turns out it had just gone with its initial revenue generation strategy. With the help of this strategy, the app was free for one year after subscription and after the one year mark it would cost $1 fee for each subsequent year. Through this approach, the company was aiming at charging minimal fee but its turns out that the approach was not quite working for WhatsApp.

Currently, the company has been looking for alternate and new ways to generate revenues as according to the Co-founder, the current strategy wasn’t quite working for the company. He added to his statement that there were a number of application in the market that were free of costs that the users could use, in case they were looking for a communication app that was free, including Facebook’s very own Messenger app. He stated that the company does not want its customers think that their communication with the world is cut off, at any point in time.

In an off stage comment to the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Jan Koum stated that it was not necessarily about the money, it was basically about the people and building something that it useful to the customer. At the point, the instant messaging and calling app has not yet laid down a finalized plan but it is trying to connect with various companies and customers through them.

However, it is planning on doing something similar to what it did with the Facebook Messenger app in which it gives its customer a chance to connect with the businesses and will now be offering payment solutions and bookings.

Mark Zuckerberg Plans To Focus On Artificial Intelligence In 2016

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The CEO of the social media giant is planning to bring artificial intelligence to his home for the new year.

Next objective on Mark Zuckerberg’s list to achieve is ‘Artificial Intelligence’. The chief executive officer of the most popular social media website plans to keep his focus on AI in 2016. According to a post by him on Monday, he plans to run his home by AI for the current year to help him with his work. He stated that it would be something like Jarvis from Iron Man.

The 31-year old billionaire further stated that he would explore the technology that is already out there and start using it in his home, starting from the basic things such as lights, temperature, music etc. He plans to teach the device allow his friends inside by simply letting them look at the doorbell for the entrance. In terms of his work, he plans to use this technology to view his data in virtual reality in order to build better services for the customers and leading the organization more efficiently.

In other news, Facebook stock has seen an upward graph for the past two and a half years and has inclined by as much as 180%. Investors, at this point, wonder whether 2016 will be yet another winning year for the Silicon Valley giant. From the year 2010, the revenue generation of the social media site has increased to $12.4 billion by 2014, from initial revenue of $1.9 billion.

The social media giant has acquired and accomplished a lot in 2015, including the introduction of third-party apps, revamping its mobile app, Timeline, search, innovation in Facebook Messenger and pages. On the other hand, apart from the core business, its three major subsidiaries have kept the investors quite optimistic for the future as well.

User interaction and usage has continued to increase aggressively on the photo blogging platform, Instagram. Its ad business has been flourishing and has provided a multi-billion dollar platform to the networking organization. Additionally, Messenger and WhatsApp have become the basic communication tools now that carry their own sizeable monetization potential.

It is safe to say that the stock of the social media giant will never be cheap and in case that ever happens, it will be the best time to purchase. Investors should focus on buying the shares at this time instead of waiting for the ‘perfect purchasing’ opportunity, according to The Motley Fool.

Presently, the stock is being traded at a share price of $104.66 indicating a decrease of 1.47% with earnings per share and price to earnings ratio of 1.00 and 105.14 respectively. In the previous trading session, the stock hit a high of $110.65 and a low of $72.00.


Facebook, Inc. To Launch New Site For Finding Top-Rated Businesses

Facebook, Inc. To Launch New Site For Finding Top-Rated Businesses

The social media website will be taking on Yelp and Angie’s List by launching it’s own searching directory for local and, apparently, international business.

Facebook, Inc., considered as the best performing investment in the market, has redefined itself from a social media company to an Internet services company since it is tapping the e-commerce, crowdfunding, payment process and search engine markets as well. From these additions to platform, it is quite evident that the stock of the social media giant is only going to go higher from here.

At the trade session on Friday, the social media stock was being traded at $104.04 with a decline of $2.05%. This session commenced with a share price of $106.08; it was seen at a higher end of $106.59 and a low end of $103.97. Towards the end of the session the number of Facebook shares being traded was 35,994,199 shares. Current outstanding shares in the social media company are 2,827,994,100 shares.

Next step for one of the four biggest growth plays (rest three being Netflix, Inc. Amazon, and Google) is to launch a service by the name of “Professional Services”. According to, this new service will allow Facebook users to search and locate local businesses entirely on their ratings and reviews. The social network is very discretely working on this new feature by gathering and compiling a directory of such local businesses and professional service providers which include plumbers, salons, event managers, child care providers etc.

The largest social media network will be competing with the market leaders Angie’s List and Yelp; currently it is learning the strengths and weaknesses from both these professional service providers. Along with these two, Amazon and Google have been working on launching the same service as well. In March, the retail giant will be launching its “Home Services” nationwide while Google will launch an extension for the service. Facebook however is aiming at not just including local businesses but other types of business as well.

Earlier in December, the social media website stated that it has over 50 million active pages on its platform which was at 40 million as of April. To make the experience user friendly, the social media network has been providing its pages owners with new options every now and then, from the Buy Button to the calls for action option. These options don’t only make the experience better for the owner of the pages but also makes the communication between the customers and the owner more convenient.

According to, it seems that the facebook’s services option is not only for the business in the United States, as upon searching, it was found out that business in Europe, Asia and other countries were available on the website as well. Whatever it is that the social media giant is working on, is going to be big.