Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corporation Earnings Battle

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The coming week is set to observe the earnings of U.S.’s top companies

Analysts and investors are all set to witness the “earnings” battle between Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corporation. While, the Californian high tech giant manages being the analysts’ favorite. Tuesday, January 26, 2016, evening will reveal whether the company meets the Street’s expectations or not. Whereas, the world’s popular Tech Company will be joining the bandwagon of reporting the earnings a couple of days later; on January 28, 2016. Let’s take a look on what is expected from the two companies:

Apple Inc.

The U.S. largest and successful high tech company under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook is expected to churn out positive and solid results for its first quarter of fiscal year. Although lately, the company has faltered a bit however its devoted fans still expect good from the company. The organization’s innovative products amaze the consumers to a great extent. Its proposed plans and strategies have always attracted the investors to it.

Analysts hope that when the tech behemoth will put forward its financial results, it will declare an EPS of $3.27. In comparison with the last year’s same period’s EPS of $3.06, the forecasted earning is up by almost 7%. The Californian giant is also expected to report revenue of $77.04 billion for the three-months quarter ended on December. The price target is capped at $142.67. The 52 week range of the company is set from $92 to $134.54.

Microsoft Corporation

The hard work of Bill Gates’ genius mind, Microsoft Corporation is America’s most popular multinational company. Set on the streets of Washington, the multi-billion company, driven by the competitive leadership of CEO Satya Nadella is scheduled to share its quarterly result on coming Thursday. The U.S.’s multinational giant has received pessimist views in relation to its earnings.

The Washington based organization is anticipated to declare revenue of $25.26 billion –an estimate of around 4% lesser than the revenue generated in the previous year. The analysts project company’s fourth and last quarter’s EPS to be $0.71 –same as the EPS announced in the last year. Microsoft stock price target is unanimously set at $58 with a 52 week range of $39.72 to $56.85.

The end of the current week will show which company outperforms the analysts’ expectation and which turns out to be exactly how predicted.

When the Friday market closed, Apple Inc. stock price stood at $101.42 by undergoing an increase of 5.32% while Microsoft Corporation stock price was $52.20 having gone up by 3.59%.