Amazon launches new shows for Prime in Japan

Amazon Asia, Amazon show

The American online retailer has introduced news shows to increase the Prime user base in the country


Amazon launched a 12 original shows for its Video service Prime in Japan, trying to lure more buyers to its yearly shopping-and-entertainment membership. The American E-commerce company continues to embrace the same strategy, which it employed in the Unite States with “Transparent” and “Mozart in the Jungle,” by developing content, which can just be viewed by Prime members.

The newly introduced shows for the Japanese region include “Ultraman Orb,” an offshoot regarding the famous Japanese superhero, a documentary discovering the city  “Invisible Tokyo,” as well as a comedy regarding a group of misfits as well as businessmen warring with aliens. The newly released shows are also the online retailer’s response to Netflix’s rising ambitions in the country of Japan.

In September, both organizations started to offer online-video facilities in Japan. Two years ago, the Seattle based company invested a sum of $1.3 billion but has not revealed its expenditure since then, or any precise viewer figures. Whereas in Japan the subscription video- on-demand marketplace is expected to be around a tenth of the American streaming marketplace, the nation is a significant driver of the organization’s global sales, which contributed to one-third of the cumulative revenue in 2015

Whereas a small number of shows are currently being streaming on the internet and through the company’s Fire TV products, the remaining will start in the upcoming months and in 2017. In total, the organization aims to release 20 original shows in the country.  As per reports by Telecompaper, Prime works on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. It is also provided through smart TVs as well as game consoles.

In other news, Economic Times has reported that Amazon India has raised the commission it charges merchants on its market by 9% even as online trading organizations in the state are aiming to make profits and cut down losses. The web retailer added to the commission or referral rates on different product categories, on almost any good in April 2016.

Whereas commission charged on cellular phone accessories like screen cases and guards was increased to 9%, that on shoes, pet accessories as well as luggage saw the minimum growth by 2%. The company also revised its charges for the logistical support it offers to merchants. Most merchants on the US marketplace accused that Cloudtail India, the biggest supplier on the market, is charged lower.

Many merchants have transferred the hike to customers, which some of them stated has led to a decline in orders on the webpage. In some of the cases the sales decline has been much as 60%, they argued. By 2019-2020, the Indian E-commerce market will probably increase to $103 billion from a sum of  $26 billion, revealed a report released by Goldman Sachs.


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