Jack Ma Refuses To Give Speech

alibaba iacc, alibaba counterfeit

Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma will not give a speech after the membership suspension with IACC last week

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s chief executive officer, Jack Ma has declined to give a speech at a conference focusing on anti-counterfeiting in the Unites States since the trade organization behind the venture put a halt on the company’s recently garnered membership.

BABA has been struggling since couple of years with accusations that its online shopping venture are retailing counterfeit goods. Moreover, many critics also claim that the company has not done much to overcome the problem.

Almost three of the members of the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition which is based in Washington that encompasses Tiffany & Co. as the board members also quit the group as a protest. Moreover, other members also threatened to quit the group after Alibaba was admitted back in April.

So on Friday, the IACC finally suspended on the new category in which Alibaba was admitted. This eventually terminated the membership.

According to Jennifer Kuperman, the head of international corporate communications mentioned in a statement, “Given the IACC’s desire for additional time to reflect upon the viability of its general membership category, Alibaba feels it best that Jack Ma postpone his appearance.”

However, Michael Evans, the Alibaba Group President will replace Jack Ma will speak at the conference in Orlando, Florida instead.

Kuperman also expressed solidarity with the company by reiterating its stance of “firmly committed to the protection of intellectual property rights and combating counterfeits”.

The same day when the cancellation took place, Mr. Jack Ma ha lunch with Mr. Barack Obama, the President United States at the White House reported a source close to the company.

The biggest E-commerce giant in China has vowed to fight against counterfeit goods for which it has recruited several employees. However, many brands are of the view that the issue is still alarming particularly on its popular shopping platform, Taobao.

The company came up with a letter to the IACC where it explained its decision to bid farewell to the Michael Kors group. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd stating, “The largest marketplace for counterfeit merchandise the world has ever seen” and blasted the IACC for providing “cover to our most dangerous and damaging adversary”.

The previous week Taobao stated that it is getting stricter with its laws in terms of the control on the sale of luxury items. Sellers are now required to come up with a proof of authenticity so that the sale of fake goods can be countered.

The sale of fake products is extremely common in China in the brick and mortar shops as well as online fraternity.

According to the report by the official People Daily newspaper published this month, the Chinese authorities are going to come up with a campaign to clean out the E-commerce space with focus on counterfeit, poor quality good and violations etc. This move is going to have an impact on rivals such as JD.com Inc. and Baidu Inc.


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