Verizon Is Eyeing On Yahoo

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Verizon submits the most impressive bid for Yahoo’s business and Asian asset

The deadline prescribed by Yahoo Inc. for receiving the bids for its major Internet based assets has finally surfaced. Most of the names that were initially part and parcel of the auction list have now backed off, so now it seems like the path is clear for Verizon Communications under the leadership of AOL CEO, Mr. Tim Armstrong. All those companies that are a big name in the fraternity encompass Comcast, Alphabet Inc., Interactive Corp and AT&T

Verizon has enough money to go forward with the deal. Thus the telecom giant might seal the deal for $10 billion for Yahoo’s core assets. This is not the first time but initially the company made an acquisition of AOL for an amount of $4.4 billion, this company was said to be a headache for Huffington Post but is now doing well with them. There is a content gap which Verizon is dealing with presently. Thus the Yahoo web properties such as Yahoo Sport, Finance and others can overcome the gap and bring a change for them.

So of the company succeeds in signing the deal then Mr. Tim Armstrong who was initially rendering his services to the chief executive officer of Yahoo, Ms. Marissa Mayer would take charge of the company and will deploy all his resources so that the company can embrace a turnaround for its assets. Mr. Armstrong has a sound history of taking such challenges and emerging out as victorious. It is likely that soon we will see a headline in the newspaper regarding Yahoo’s acquisition by Verizon. This is not it but Mr. Armstrong has also showed interest in  acquiring Yahoo’s Asian assets but he might not have enough finances to do so.

When it comes to the big names in the fraternity such as Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc., and Alphabet Inc. it is quite sane for them to be not interested in the web properties of Yahoo since they already have a massive Internet share. According to Kara Swisher who belongs to Re/Code, the big giants of the Silicon Valley already possess everything that Yahoo is presently offering. Moreover, they do that better thus many names that were a part of the auction list was not actually making a bid anyway.

With time it is being observed that the list seems to be shortening down. Moreover, the potential bidders are gradually realizing that there are numerous uncertainties that are linked to the auction process. This is paired with the high demand for the major assets of YHOO. On the other hand, Time Inc. another potential bidder decided to back out of the bidding race since they are of the view that the revamping the company is not a piece of cake. However Daily Mail on the other hand is interested in buying the web properties of Yahoo and are also asking the various private equity firms for support. The reason why Mail wishes to invest is that they want to make their way to the United States.


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