Facebook’s Plans for 2026 Are Here

Facebook plans, Facebook conference

the company has revealed its plans for 2026 that re not just ambitious but crazy

Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference took the industry by a storm where news pertaining to the company’s growth prospects surfaced. Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive Officer of the company revealed his intentions of coming up with a three stage plan that will transform the course of social media networks.

The three fold plan is as follows: firstly, they need to come up with a futuristic technology. Then they will be required to make a one of a kind product on it. And finally you transform it into an ecosystem that can be used by external companies and developers to come up with their own businesses.

However, the slide that surfaced pertaining to the news created havoc in the industry and some analysts started to question what next?

At this point the social media platform is extremely occupied to come up with a solid answer. However, the information can be considered to a be a part of the bigger puzzle that solves how the world will look like in a decade. The vision of Zuckerberg is intriguing, crazy and ambitious in its true essence with several upsides. However, through this, humans will be giving a lot of control to FB on their lives.

In 2026, Facebook assumes that the entire world will get access to the Internet. This will be possible through the company’s Internet.org initiative. Moreover, the company also holds the view that the users will be making use of virtual reality gears that will become sophisticated over the course of time. The idea is to make them a fashion statement so that users do not look like nerds while wearing them. Moreover, artificial intelligence will grow significantly making it easier for humans to communicate with computers.

So try to imagine what it will actually feel like, particularly from the vision of the tech giant whose agenda is to bring humans together. This actually means that the company’s vision will come to life. People will get their hands on glasses that will allow them to interact and communicate with people giving a real time experience. It would feel like you are right in front of the person irrespective of the fact that they might be far away from you.

Mr. Yaser Sheikh who is working for the research team at Facebook stated during the F8 Developer Conference, “Social VR done right has the potential to let us define our tribe not by proximity but personal choice.”

The pace with which Facebook Inc. is evolving is tremendous. The company has an agenda to enable sharing. Thus it is paving way for a world that makes use of teleportation and interaction on a completely new level. This is not it but other tech giants are also striving to revolutionize the world where its counterpart Microsoft also has the technology and vision to embrace the change.

Technology has become part and parcel of our daily lives and the future will solely be dependent on  it. The company’s plans have started molding and they will soon surface to the world.


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