Needs to Teach Alexa Some Manners; Parents Complain

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The retailer should launch a new update for Alexa that makes her more polite.

Amazon Inc.’s Bluetooth Speaker device, Amazon Echo has received quite a positive response from all the customers who have purchased the device. Generally, users have been quite impressed and satisfied with the performance of the Bluetooth speaker whose digital assistant is Alexa. The device can be turned on simply by clearly taking Alexa’s name and it will perform a range of functions simply by voice commands made by the user.

However, news has surfaced that many parents have shown their concerns about over the fact that the digital assistant, Alexa is not very prompt when it comes to responding to humble words that include ‘thank you’ and ‘please’. Amazon has always tried to make communication between the device and users very direct and causal however the company did not feel that a similar issue like this would ever arise but turns out parents are thinking on another level.

Parents believe that the artificial intelligence digital assistant needs to leave some manners since the device is being used by a number of kids as well. A father, Hunter Walk stated in a post how his daughter does not respond to and does not understand manners as she is freely uses Alexa. Since they give voice commands to the device, kids are getting the impression that they can talk to just anyone in that ‘bossy’ and commanding tone.

It needs to be taken into consideration by the e-commerce giant that the Bluetooth device is being used by a number of household now which means kids have direct access to Alexa and parents are afraid that their kids will get affected by the way Alexa responds to them. However, this issue can be easily tackled by the retailer, it can simply update the digital assistant’s skill-set and teach it to respond or communicate with its users more politely.

Furthermore, this update would simply work in the favor of the online shopping company’s device as it will encourage more users to buy the device since their kids will be dealing with an assistant that will not only respond to their voice commands but also converse with them in a polite and humble manner hence teaching them how to behave and take talk to people politely.

On the contrary, if Amazon does not respond to these complaints quickly and ignores them or doesn’t tackle the problem this instant, parents would avoid keeping the device in their homes and might come forward with more complaints regarding the product. At this point, the e-commerce organization has a chance to make amends and make the household owners, and the ultimate customers of Amazon Echo happy; they should avail this opportunity.

Presently, the success of the digital assistant has led the company to expand its parameters in the specific division as it has launched new forms of the device that include ‘Tap’ and ‘Dot’. With the help of just speaking to the device, users can know the traffic situation in their city, play music, know the weather, find directions to specific locations etc.



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