Cardboard Software Developer Kit for Google Cardboard

Cardboard Software Developer Kit for Google Cardboard

Google, after getting on board its android customers, is now working to get the target audience of Apple’s share as well.

Google recently decided to publish a Cardboard Software Developer Kit (SDK) with tools for iOS in an attempt to make it simpler for developers to develop content for the iPhone users. Despite the fact that Google Cardboard has not received the amount of attention that Oculus Rift attained, Samsung’s Gear VR that it is working on in collaboration with Facebook. Along with HTC Hive, it is pointed out that Google’s VR headgear is actually made of cardboard and costs only $15; which makes it easier for consumers to get their hands on the product.

Virtual Reality is the most upcoming and emerging technology attracting many tech enthusiasts. Technology companies are in a race to chase this opportunity including Facebook, Microsoft, HTC, and Sony etc. Presently, all these organizations are working on recording VR videos while on the other hand Google is working on achieving 360-degree content.

VR View, the developer kit is an open source system for apps that would work on both iOS and android. The search engine giant is making an effort to create more apps for the iPhone as it is likely to benefit the company’s own VR headset. It’s keeping its focus more towards the Web as app development only needs few programming additions while for the web, an embedding code is needed, quite similar to that for 2D Clips.

The Cardboard is a regular virtual reality device except that it is made out of cardboard; it allows users to experience the amusing VR world with apps and videos at a cheap price. However, to get a 360-degree content experience, users are required to attach their smartphone to it. In an attempt to encourage more people to use the product, the internet company has decided to introduce it on its competitor’s smartphones as well.

The reason for introducing the Cardboard on the iOS was mainly to increase the usage of the product and attract more customers. However, it would make sense to think that introducing it on a rival’s product would pose a threat to the company’s own android operating system – but that is not the case, as the headset can already be used on the android operating system. So people with android already have the access to it whereas bringing it on iPhone’s operating system simply means additional Google Cardboard users.

Furthermore, this push by the largest internet company in Silicon Valley further justifies how badly all the tech organization want to get in the virtual reality market and grab their market share before anyone else does. In addition to Google, Facebook is also taking its VR sector quite seriously; it started selling of its Oculus VR Rift Headset. Both Facebook and Samsung are tirelessly working on improving and penetrating into this market segment.


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