Analysts At Evercore Are Optimistic About Facebook

Facebook stocks, Facebook performance

Facebook Messenger’s fate can change after the F8 conference with more interest from developers


Facebook Inc. is all set to host its F8 conference that is targeted to the developers. The event is scheduled for April 12 and 13, 2016. The summit will merely focus on the company’s M chat bot. the idea is to improvise and come up with new announcement for the Messenger app.

Ken Sena, who is an analyst at Evercore ISI laid emphasis on the growth trajectory of the Messenger app via an upgraded research note that surfaced out to investors and clients today, right before the F8 conference. The analysts understand that the social media giant is now devoted to bolstering Messenger and thus it is poised to grow in the time to come. Other than that, Mr. Sena highlights that Messenger app is now doing well amongst developers.

As per the analyst, “Given members in the hundreds of millions, the absence of app download, and user ID/password requirements, messaging is beginning to showcase itself as possibly the next leading developer ecosystem, where developers who find themselves on the wrong side of the mobile app usage curve have grown increasingly frustrated.”

Mr. Sena also mentioned that other than top ten applications, the rate of adoption in terms of mobile consumption has dropped significant among the developers.

The analyst noted that the Facebook whose other projects such as Messenger and WhatsApp accumulatively cater to almost 1.8 million users is now offering the developers a mass audience to reach for. This audience does not take the core Instagram and Facebook application users into account. It is merely just the masses active on the two platforms. It can be said that the consumer base is as large as the accumulative user base on Android and iOS while excluding China.

Instagram and Facebook are undoubtedly hot sellers but since the company decided to lower the gatekeepers, they have actually observed a substantial growth in maintenance and transactional activities.

As per the analyst on a grass root level, the mobile applications are considered to be insufficient considering the present business needs that requires you to communicate with clients constantly. A substantial chunk of the globe is linked to one another by the help of messaging thus it can act as a better medium for businesses to expand their capabilities by tactfully regulating the ‘improved customer connection and growing AI capability’.

The functionalities of Facebook Messenger have advanced to a great extent in accordance to the in data collection via the platform has become massive. He further explained, “We see this trend as favoring platforms with data scale, messaging, and artificial intelligence capability, where similar to our virtual reality report on March 10th, The Future Through a VR Headset, Facebook seems among the best positioned.”

It needs to be understood that the growth prospect of Messenger are quite high. The company can unlock new milestones through this medium thus Mr. Sena increase the price target on Facebook stocks by $10 where they now stand at $140. The company observed a 1% increase in stock price while trading today.



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