Amazon Allows Users to Build their Own Bluetooth Speaker, Amazon Prime, Amazon Echo, Bluetooth speakers, Amazon e-commerce, e-commerce organization

The e-commerce company has enabled its users to make their on Echo device with the help of the step by step instructions that it has provided to the users.

In recent news, the e-commerce giant has posted instructions on GitHub that educates web users on how to build their very own Amazon Echo Device. Echo is Amazon’s digital assistant Bluetooth speaker that functions on voice-commands. Ever since it was launched it the market, it has gained quite the popularity as there have been numerous users of the device and many have taken is as one of the essentials of everyday living.

With the assistance of Raspberry Pi, users can now add building their personal Echo device, to their do-it-yourself list. All these can be done in a budget of $60. The Bluetooth speaker device costs almost $180 while the Raspberry Pi can be purchased for only a price of $40 with the help of which users can simply make their own digital assistant instead of spending that hefty amount; additionally, the rest of the components that come with the module are not that expensive either.

For users who are interested in building the Bluetooth device from scratch have been given a list in which the company has mentioned all the necessary components that they will require to build the product for themselves. The users will require a Model 2 Raspberry Pi and along with that they will also be required to purchase an Ethernet cable, a push button, a USB platform and finally a SD card. In addition to that, the Echo device will also make sure of mouse and keyboard along with a number of other components.

However, the users are to be informed that not every can purchase the components and make the device; certain level of skills are required in terms of hardware and programming for the user to be able to follow the instructions and build the device. Furthermore, the users who are willing to do so, are informed that the push button is quite necessary if they want to switch the digital assistant, Alexa on. In addition to that, complex technology is used in building the product as voice commands are associated with it.

The voice command is highly essential for the device as if the word ‘Alexa’ is used in a conversation the device is likely to pick it up and switch on. However, with the help of the push button, the users will easily be able to avoid that issue as they will eliminate the chance of giving any unintentional command to the digital assistant.

The reason for the launch of this step-by-step instruction guide is that the e-commerce giant is working on eliminating the gap between Echo users and others who have not yet purchased the device. The Bluetooth speakers are able to perform a number of tasks with simply stating the command to Alexa which includes playing music, changing the Nest thermostat or ordering a cab from Uber.

Amazon is making an effort to make the use of digital assistant very popular among households and that is why it is working on making it available for as many people as it can.



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