Qualcomm Inc. Partners with Nixon to Make a Water Resistant Smartwatch

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The chipmaker is not powering Nixon Mission with its Snapdragon chips

Watch brand, Nixon and Qualcomm Inc. have partnered up to introduce Nixon Mission; the latest product which will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100.

Nixon Mission will be the first sports watch to run on Android Wear that will be wearable up to 100 meters underwater. For the new model, Google will be providing its most recent version of Android Wear, novel smartwatch specifically designed for active users.

Watches have always been an issue for the outdoorsy personalities especially those who like to get their products wet even if they are loaded with numerous features. The chipmaker and watch brand have collaborated to make a product that would work for such people.

As for the features of the device, first of it will have a 10 ATM water resistance ratings which suggests that the device will be wearable for about 100 meters underwater; initially Casio’s Outdoor smartwatch was able to go underwater up to 50 meters.

The Nixon Mission has a 30 times smaller chip than the usual ones. In addition to that, the device is over 25% more efficient than the previous version; the Snapdragon 400. The intense interior of the smartwatch is covered by a round multi-color AMOLED display protected by a Gorilla Glass.

Nixon Mission will have a 4 gigabyte of internal storage for apps and music along with a 512MB of RAM. These specific storage capacities are of quite standard for an android powered smartwatch. Users have the option of customizing the face of the smartwatch, download applications along with personalized Google Now cards and also directly receive texts, emails and calls from the other android and iOS device.

The novel product is not just for water sports; it is also targeting snowboarders and skiers and also allows users to keep a track on these sports. Some of the most important apps for Mission are powered by Snocountry, Trace and Surfline. It also claims to have a one year battery life unlike other such smartwatches. The smartwatch is expected to hit the market later this year, with a price tag of $400,£280 and AU$530 in the US, UK and Australia, respectively.

Fitness enthusiasts might be stoked about the latest smartwatch as it will be running on premium hardware. It has the hardware and it has to looks – it is going to be an exicitng experience for the consumers of the product. The product will be released at the Baselworld Event soon enough and is expected to be made available by the end of 2016.



Microsoft Corporation Might Capture the Bigger Share of the Tablet Market by 2020

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Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft and Apple, Microsoft Earnings, Surface Book Tablet/laptop, Microsoft news, Microsoft updates

By the year 2020, Microsoft Corporation might be the leading technology company in the tablet market. Presently, the market share of the technology company is of 53.3% in the market while by the end of 2020 it is likely to be at 74.6%. With the recent trend in the market, the tech giant has evolved and is ahead of its competitors in the market including the market leader Apple Inc.

According to a press release by the International Data Center, the tablet market is likely to grow from 8% in 2015 to over 30% in 2020. However as per IDC’s forecast, the worldwide shipment is likely to drop by 159 million units indicating a drop of 5.9% in 2016 in comparison to the shipments in 2015. However, starting 2017, the stock is likely to revert back towards positive growth initially there will be slow growth due to the shift in PC and tablet. But eventually, the detachable tablet market will be the key driver of the growth.

Last year, the technology company launched Microsoft Surface Book in an effort to capture the tablet market before anyone else and IDC backs it up by saying that, presently it is the only company in the industry that can take full advantage of the space. It has successfully managed to do so along with enhancing the adoption rates for Windows 10.

During this shift in the market towards detachable devices, IDC reports that Microsoft’s Surface Book laptops along with Surface Book tablets will be turn out to be quite popular in the sector. As per the report it has been come to the attention that Apple Inc. is likely to underperform the market which would give the technology corporation an opportunity to take full advantage of the iPhone maker’s underperformance.

By the year 2020, Apple Inc. is expected to lose its market share in the specific market and drop by as much as 7.3%. Presently, for the detachable market, the Silicon Valley giant has iPad Pro and a smaller version of the device is also expected to be announced soon. However, iPad’s sales have slipped in the past nine quarters as well. Furthermore, the iPad only perform well during the holiday season but Apple does not entirely depend on iPad sales as most of its revenue comes from the sale of its flagship product iPhones.

As per the latest earnings report it can be observed that the sales of Apple’s iPhone have also witnessed a slowdown hence proving the saturation point that the smartphone market is at. This evidence shows that Microsoft might just be able to overtake Apple by the year 2020 especially in the detachable tablet market.


Alibaba-backed Cainiao Raises $1.54 Billion In Funding

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Alibaba’s logistics affiliate lands a billion dollar funding at a valuation of $7.7 billion

Alibaba Group Holding is on a roll this year and it happens to be a perfect time for all the affiliated companies this month. It was reported last month that Alibaba’s main financial arm, Ant Financial, who also owns and operates Alipay along with other businesses is close to raise funds of up to $1 billion in an attempt to increase its valuation to $60 billion. But that is in the past. Now a three year old backed logistics firm, Cainiao, confirmed its first ever external fundraising from Primavera Capital in China, Khazanah Nasional in Malaysia, and GIC and Temasek Holdings in Singapore.

So far, the size of the fund raiser is not revealed publically. Alibaba Group also refused to provide financial details when Tech Crunch asked for it. But according to Caixin, which is a financial news web page, it is reported that the deal is an upwards of $1.54 billion (10 billion Yuan) at a $7.7 billion (50 billion Yuan) valuation.

Alibaba is well known for its billion dollar e-commerce business which is one of the largest in the world. It is also famous for other feats of which one include holding of the largest US Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the history. Alibaba is a huge company if someone actually dug deeper. It has numerous affiliate companies which cover the related verticals i.e. related to its main e-commerce business but does not include them in the parent company. Cainiao is one of them.

Cainiao is a logistics firm backed by the Chinese e-commerce giant which was created back in 2013 with a goal to be a UPS-like shipping firm. The reason for its establishment was to allow deliveries to and from China and other international markets. Apart from this, the goal was to also tap in the big data industry as well as other technology that would help in increasing the efficiency.

The logistics firm has about 128 warehouses and 18,000 express delivery stations throughout China. Cainiao has developed itself as a dominant force in the shipping and delivery space is accountable for 70 percent of the market share when it comes to express packages. Being one of the biggest in the regions and the number of orders it receives due to the ever growing Alibaba business, it offers same day delivery service in seven cities of China whereas next day delivery service in other 90 Chinese countries.

Bloomberg reported that Cainiao plans to expand its network to 2,800 destinations across its mainland and 224 countries and regions across the world by the end of this month. As it is believed, in order to fund its expansion the logistics firm is focusing on the public offering in the coming times. The CEO Tong Wenhong claims that it is in the position to ship and deliver almost 200 million express packages daily.

Verizon Might Just Have To Offer Unlimited Data Plans

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As difficult as it may sound, Verizon might have to offer unlimited data packages to consumers.

AT&T is now bringing its unlimited data plans back for a limited time period. So does this actually ignite chances for Verizon Communications Inc. to bring its unlimited data plans in back in the market to compete with its rival? Sadly, if your hopes are high then you are most likely to be disappointed.

According to the DSL Reports, FransShammo, the Chief Financial Officer at Verizon told the people attending during the investor’s conference that took place this week that the company will never come up with the unlimited data plan again for Verizon users since the way unlimited data plans work is not benefiting the company economically at all.

“I’ve been pretty public saying the unlimited model does not work in an LTE environment,” claimed Shammo. He further added, “Unlimited is a very short-term game in the LTE market. Eventually unlimited is going to go away because you have to generate cash to reinvest.”

This is relatively strange claim made by the wireless network carrier giant since a majority of the company’s rival is offering data packages in some way or the other and they have never complained about having any issues. Moreover, after offering such services, they also have ample cash to make investment in network upgrades. Since many analysts have observed in the past, data caps similar to the ones being used by VZ are merely a crock that is not important for proper network management and is only benefiting the carrier’s wireless margins.

Other than that, the DSL Reports highlights the fact that the company is satisfied even after it had to let go of its video streaming service ‘Go90” via its own data cap. This means that the carrier is not bothered when the users watch a lot of videos on their network as long as they are doing this via its own app.

None of the claims made by the company are surprising at all. Verizon is one of those companies that is extremely resistant to bring about a changed and is struggling in contrast to other wireless carriers. This is relative to the initiatives like giving up on the two year contrasts and giving early termination fees to pay off rivals.

It needs to be understood that VZ needs to remain on par with the industry standards. It is not possible for them to survive if they remain to be head over heels. There are numerous other wireless network companies in the industry that are offering the same service as Verizon and offer packages that are incentivized. This creates an ugly situation for the former who just wishes to add on its bank reserves but does not want to lure users by giving them advantages.

Initially, Verizon used to offer data plans that are were extremely popular. However, it now seems like the company has changed its course completely. Many analysts predict that the company will come up with new data plans however they will be a result of a lot of whining and misery.

Tesla’s “Model S” Price Bump

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The rumor has it that the automaker giant has been planning to increase the price of its most popular Mode S sedan.

According to the rumor mill, the Palo Alto, Calif. firm’s prestigious Model S sedan is expected to go under the price hike in the coming month. As per the claims made by two unnamed people –through Tesla Motors Club –the luxury electric car maker’s representatives have hinted about a probable bump in the price of the Model S, which is more likely to start from April. Therefore, any buyer who has been intending to buy the prestigious car should buy it any time before the next month to save him from the possible price increase.

The source privy to the matter –who earlier gave the disclosure of the price bump –further uncovered that the $28 billion organization is not increasing the price against the introduction of new features. Therefore, the more expensive Model S sedan wouldn’t be laden with new features however the only reason the company is marking a price increase is that it has not raised the price of the Model S for years.

Tesla Motors Club is not the official news forum of the automaker giant therefore, the news on the forum is not absolute. Nevertheless the probable price increase has high level of certainty since the initiative is likely to raise the average transaction price (ATP) of electric sedan.

As of now, the base model has a price of $75,000 whereas the Model S 90D version’s price tag can be escalated up to $100,000. The price raise is strategically competitive move for the electric car maker who already has a high demand for its cars but a slower production.

Through this initiative, the Californian based company will be able to toughen up its top-line performance as currently the company has been reporting limited number of delivery volumes. Last year, the luxurious electric car maker managed to sell a total of 50,580 units out of which only 208 units pertain to the newly launched Model X while the rest of the total was accumulated by Model S. Moreover, in the last quarter, Tesla Motors recorded an increase of colossal 48% in the sales of Model S. The automaker, therefore, in order to keep the vehicle popular among the consumers and prospective buyers, has been upgrading the vehicle with additional features.

Analyst at UBS, on the basis of slow ATP for its vehicles, brought down the target price of Tesla Motors, last October. The analyst expressed that many consumers will prefer ordering a Model S over Model X because of the fact that the latter has a slower production and it took almost 8-12 months for the delivery after the order has been placed whereas, the former took a period of three months only for getting delivered. The company’s charismatic CEO, Elon Musk had noticed a modest increase in Model S sales as well particularly after the launch of Model X late last year in September 2015. Moreover, the consequences of low-priced Model S’s slow ATP are such that the company has expected a loss of $0.65 per share.

Through the price hike, the company is expected to improve sales and free cash flow position –the firm has been expecting to turn it positive in the current quarter. As at the market which closed on Friday, Tesla Motors stood at a price of $207.5.

Apple Rated “Buy” By Mizuho

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The highly anticipated iPhone 7 has the potential of bringing the company out of the vortex of slumping sale

The Tokyo headquartered banking institution, Mizuho has reiterated a Buy rating for the most valuable company, Apple Inc. Moreover, the price target set on the company’s stock has reached at massive $120. The strength of the stock is due to the tech giant’s loyal user base.

Back in April when the tech titan launched the prestigious Apple Watch many analysts held high expectations regarding the future of the device. The analysts went bullish on the company except for Mizuho Securities who held a quite contradicting view when it declared that the high tech gadget would not entirely be successful and quite surprisingly the predictions of the company turned quite accurately into the reality. The Silicon Valley business has not yet unveiled the segregated sales figures of the device.

In the similar fashion, going against the expectations of the majority, the Mizuho Securities is now envisioning that the company’s upgraded and advanced iPhone 7 will not be able to impress the investors with bolstering sales figures. For the year 2016, the institution’s Japan based team has brought down its estimates of iPhone production to 206 million units from 224 million units. This reduction has been done on the premise of low iPhone 6S production in the first half of 2016 and lukewarm sales of iPhone 7.

The $561 billion company is heavily relying on its new iPhone 7 to circumvent the slumping growth it had encountered in smartphone shipments. The company is anticipating that the device will be able to bring about significant improvement over the iPhone 6 lineup in addition to making a substantial impact on the topline.

However, the company’s expectations didn’t quite lie in line with the firm’s analyst, Abhey Lamba who has been skeptical regarding the firmness of the iPhone 7 demand.

Apple is banking on iPhone 7 to counter slowing growth in smartphone shipments. The device is said to reflect significant improvement over the iPhone 6 lineup, and cast a material impact on the topline. While talking about the matter he expressed the following: “We think iPhone shipment numbers will continue to vary on a quarterly basis and iPhone 7 cycle will likely not be as big as iPhone 6 while it still remains to be seen if it can grow over iPhone 6s.”

The analyst further purported that even in the event of the dull iPhone 7 sales, the Cupertino, Calif. firm’s shares will be able to hit the $120-130 price level on the basis of adequate growth in user base and lifetime value (LTV). Moreover the analyst predicted that from late spring or early summer the supply chain data points will show improvement.

In the developed smartphone markets, the consumers await for the newer iPhone models to be embedded with greater creativity and innovation. This is the chief reason why the sales of iPhone 6s were below par. The iPhone 6S couldn’t offer such innovation which could have put it ahead of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus product cycle. However, the iPhone 7 is expected to have impressive features including, but not limited to, wireless charging and touchscreen, with built-in Touch ID. Moreover, the device has been speculated to have OLED display on a 5.8 inch screen.

In the current market where the demand of customized smartphones –like One Plus –is extremely high, the Apple has a lot of potential to introduce impressive features which can give more personalized experience to the consumers. Apple’s iPhone 7 may possess the potential of becoming the best-selling model too.

Qualcomm Inc. Snapdragon 820 Overtakes Apple’s A9 Chipset

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Qualcomm is currently the most popular and talked about chipamakers in the industry; after much criticism it has finally regained its honor.

A popular benchmarking website, AnTuTu declared that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 is currently the fastest processor that is available in the market. The 810 processor has received much criticism in the past and was one of the reasons why Samsung Electronics Ltd backed out from powering its phones with Qualcomm’s processor initially.

Additionally, it is safe to say that Qaulcomm Inc.’s on a roll nowadays, as its Sandragon 820 chip set surpassed Apple’s A9 chipset. Currently, the Silicon Valley giant’s chipset is in second place, while Huawei with its Kirin 950 and Samsung Exynos 8890 are on fourth and fifth place, respectively. Finally, the technology giant’s mid-range chip set are placed right after Samsung which include processors 810 and 652.

The chipmaker has always gained popularity due to its GPU and it comes as no surprise that it has managed to surpass Apple in terms of GPU performance as well. In the previous, the GPU performance by the chips of the company were reported to have performed well while according to the recent ratings that the processors have received, it is quite likely that they will perform during the current year as well.

Furthermore, during the recent analyst day, the San Diego based organization’s management went all in to convince the audience about how well their ongoing QCT (Qualcomm CDMA Technologies) business was performing; although they didn’t have to be too definite about it as they managed to portray it quite articulately in their latest chip sets, Snapdragon 810 and 820.

However, it should be taken into consideration that the benchmark website, AnTuTu scores on the basis of mean score that is generated from a number of tests. This indicates that for a chipset that has just been introduced in the market has more chances of scoring high in comparison to a chipset that has been in the market for longer. An idea of how well the processor performance can only be established with time after it has gone through certain levels of usage.

For instance, despite the fact that Huawei’s Kirin 950 is only being used in a hand full of Huawei smartphones, it has still managed to be on the fourth place. The chipset lacks a well performing graphic processing power and yet has managed to be of the fourth place.

Also, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 was the showstopper at the Mobile World Congress where it was appreciated by a number of large technology firms including Samsung, who after the launched of the chipset came back on board with the company. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Plus are some of the significant smartphones in the market that will be powered by 820 chipset.

In 2015, Qualcomm stock dropped by 34% however in a month’s time, the stock has managed to recover 20%. Presently the stock price of the chipmaker is at $52.02 indicating an increase of 0.13%.