Google Being Discrete About Its Amazon Echo Rival

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The search engine organization is working on its own digital assistant to give Amazon’s Echo competition.

Google Inc. doesn’t like being left behind and this time, it is taking the battle up against, the retail giant. According to recent news, the search engine giant has been developing its own version of something close to Amazon’s Bluetooth Echo Speaker. However, at this point Alphabet Inc.’s subsidiary has not provided much information on the latest development or even when it will be launching the future product.

Amazon’s Echo has gained increased popularity in the technology market ever since its debut. This device is connect via Bluetooth to various home appliances etc. and users are able to perform various functions through voice commands.

Google currently has planned to exert its efforts in making this help-assistant without the support of its sister company, Nest. The search engine organization has decided to ditch Nest in the creation of this future product, mainly because of Nest’s lack of launching products on their release dates. The largest internet company did not want to risk being involved with its sister company due to its recent reputation.

Consequently, another reason for not involving Nest in its latest development is that the internet company wants to create its own digital assistant that is good enough to go up against Amazon’s Echo. Echo has already managed to take most of the market share in the digital help-assistant market; it works with the help was Alexa, that the users can speak to. It is integrated with complex voice recognition. Alexa, simply with the help of its user’s voice, is able to call an Uber, playback music, access the smart-lights in a user’s house.

Furthermore, the retail giant has expanded its Echo product line with the introduction of ‘Dot’ and ‘Tap’ devices – it becomes evident that Google needs to speed things up with the introduction of its digital assistant. Since Echo has managed to attract most of the market share, it will be a difficult task for the search engine internet business to attract consumers at once. However, given its credible name and reputation in the technology industry, we are sure people will buy and pursue Google’s latest product.

However, Alphabet Inc. has always been known for being discrete and secretive while working on a new product; hence we do not know much of the product at this point. In addition to that, given that it has not made any such announcement regarding the future device as it, we can conclude that the launch of this product will not be anytime soon. But the launch of such a product is likely to excite its user-base in case the company decides to integrate this with Google Maps, Play Music, and Gmail etc.

This introduction of digital assistants has gained quite the popularity in the tech world as many technology organizations have decided to experiment with their very own digital helpers. Amazon has been showing off its technology by integrating it with voice recognition on smart-homes, and smart appliances. It’s safe to say, that if Google rolls out a competitor for Echo, android users will be the first to get their hands on it ultimately helping the company boost its hardware sales.



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