Qualcomm Inc. Partners with Nixon to Make a Water Resistant Smartwatch

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The chipmaker is not powering Nixon Mission with its Snapdragon chips

Watch brand, Nixon and Qualcomm Inc. have partnered up to introduce Nixon Mission; the latest product which will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100.

Nixon Mission will be the first sports watch to run on Android Wear that will be wearable up to 100 meters underwater. For the new model, Google will be providing its most recent version of Android Wear, novel smartwatch specifically designed for active users.

Watches have always been an issue for the outdoorsy personalities especially those who like to get their products wet even if they are loaded with numerous features. The chipmaker and watch brand have collaborated to make a product that would work for such people.

As for the features of the device, first of it will have a 10 ATM water resistance ratings which suggests that the device will be wearable for about 100 meters underwater; initially Casio’s Outdoor smartwatch was able to go underwater up to 50 meters.

The Nixon Mission has a 30 times smaller chip than the usual ones. In addition to that, the device is over 25% more efficient than the previous version; the Snapdragon 400. The intense interior of the smartwatch is covered by a round multi-color AMOLED display protected by a Gorilla Glass.

Nixon Mission will have a 4 gigabyte of internal storage for apps and music along with a 512MB of RAM. These specific storage capacities are of quite standard for an android powered smartwatch. Users have the option of customizing the face of the smartwatch, download applications along with personalized Google Now cards and also directly receive texts, emails and calls from the other android and iOS device.

The novel product is not just for water sports; it is also targeting snowboarders and skiers and also allows users to keep a track on these sports. Some of the most important apps for Mission are powered by Snocountry, Trace and Surfline. It also claims to have a one year battery life unlike other such smartwatches. The smartwatch is expected to hit the market later this year, with a price tag of $400,£280 and AU$530 in the US, UK and Australia, respectively.

Fitness enthusiasts might be stoked about the latest smartwatch as it will be running on premium hardware. It has the hardware and it has to looks – it is going to be an exicitng experience for the consumers of the product. The product will be released at the Baselworld Event soon enough and is expected to be made available by the end of 2016.



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