Microsoft Corporation Might Capture the Bigger Share of the Tablet Market by 2020

Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft and Apple, Microsoft Earnings, Surface Book Tablet/laptop, Microsoft news, Microsoft updates

Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft and Apple, Microsoft Earnings, Surface Book Tablet/laptop, Microsoft news, Microsoft updates

By the year 2020, Microsoft Corporation might be the leading technology company in the tablet market. Presently, the market share of the technology company is of 53.3% in the market while by the end of 2020 it is likely to be at 74.6%. With the recent trend in the market, the tech giant has evolved and is ahead of its competitors in the market including the market leader Apple Inc.

According to a press release by the International Data Center, the tablet market is likely to grow from 8% in 2015 to over 30% in 2020. However as per IDC’s forecast, the worldwide shipment is likely to drop by 159 million units indicating a drop of 5.9% in 2016 in comparison to the shipments in 2015. However, starting 2017, the stock is likely to revert back towards positive growth initially there will be slow growth due to the shift in PC and tablet. But eventually, the detachable tablet market will be the key driver of the growth.

Last year, the technology company launched Microsoft Surface Book in an effort to capture the tablet market before anyone else and IDC backs it up by saying that, presently it is the only company in the industry that can take full advantage of the space. It has successfully managed to do so along with enhancing the adoption rates for Windows 10.

During this shift in the market towards detachable devices, IDC reports that Microsoft’s Surface Book laptops along with Surface Book tablets will be turn out to be quite popular in the sector. As per the report it has been come to the attention that Apple Inc. is likely to underperform the market which would give the technology corporation an opportunity to take full advantage of the iPhone maker’s underperformance.

By the year 2020, Apple Inc. is expected to lose its market share in the specific market and drop by as much as 7.3%. Presently, for the detachable market, the Silicon Valley giant has iPad Pro and a smaller version of the device is also expected to be announced soon. However, iPad’s sales have slipped in the past nine quarters as well. Furthermore, the iPad only perform well during the holiday season but Apple does not entirely depend on iPad sales as most of its revenue comes from the sale of its flagship product iPhones.

As per the latest earnings report it can be observed that the sales of Apple’s iPhone have also witnessed a slowdown hence proving the saturation point that the smartphone market is at. This evidence shows that Microsoft might just be able to overtake Apple by the year 2020 especially in the detachable tablet market.



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