Walmart Employees In Alabama And Hawaii Receive A Pay Raise

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33,000 employees of Sams Club receive a wage raise and Hawaii workers are about to get the same

Walmart Stores Inc. has been making headlines again for giving wage raises to various employees around the world and has not stopped. The giant retail chain is giving a wage raise to employees in Alabama, Hawaii and Chicago. The employees in Hawaii will have to wait a little longer for the raise, but they are surely getting it according to the retailer announcement.

Almost 33,000 employees working at Walmart Stores and Sam’s Club in Alabama are getting a pay hike starting from Thursday.  This increase in the wages of the workers is part of the retailer’s investment of $2.7 billion in order to give them efficient training and other benefits with hope of getting better output from the workers and in return getting better customer experience. This cycle is what the company can rely on as the huge investments will play a negative impact on its annual profits. All of the workers of the retailer in various positions are going be befitting form this pay raise, small to higher positions.

Walmart Wholesale is doing the same thing for its employees in Hawaii starting from the 10th of March they will also receive a cheque with higher number than usual on them. The grocery chain has 3800 employees in the area, who are receiving a wage raise. The employees are going to be eligible for the cash bonuses received on a quarterly bases based on their performances. This is not just going to benefit the worker in as a simple raise but will also be an investment to provide them with more knowledge, skills and training for them to go further in the business and excel.

The officials of Hawaii said that from February this year, the states full time workers average pay is $15.38 and for part time workers, the average payment is $11.68.

Walmart Stores Inc. has evidently made numerous investments internationally to raise wages of its employees, not just because it had to do this, but also because of the immense pressure it was receiving from labor agencies.  In Chicago 25,000 of the retail chains employees are receiving a pay hike, the announcement was made on Monday, and the pay raise is going to begin from the 10th of March, just like for employees in Hawaii.

Employees that have been hired before the 1 of January this year will be earning $10 per hour, while new entry workers who had been hired before January are going to continue working on $9 each hour and will reach $10 each hour upon completion of their training which is commonly known as, Pathways.


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