Microsoft Corporation Plans to make Database system available to Linux System

technology organization, microsoft corporation, linux systems, open source database

In an effort to win the market share from Oracle Corporation, Microsoft Corporation is planning on making its database software available for Linux systems. As per the reports by Bloomberg, the chief executive officer of Microsoft, Satya Nadella stated that the company is taking this initiative in order to increase the sale of the database. The database provided by the technology corporation allows large companies to store and analyze data.

The move is supposed to take place mid-2017; the technology corporation is aiming at shipping its core database pieces to Linux which is an open source computer operating system. A preview of the product has been made available on the Ubunto Version of Linux and major corporations can start signing up for the product from Monday onwards for the preview.

The latest development was announced by the tech giant’s Executive Vice President for Enterprise and Cloud, Scott Guthrie. He explained how the SQL Server will benefit the company’s clients and provide flexibility in their data solutions. Additionally, the VP at IDC, Al Gillen stated that this is a huge decision by Microsoft as it will be offering its trusted and popular database to an expanded range of customers.

The aim of the tech giant is to capture the market share of the top vendor Oracle who had twice the market share of Microsoft in 2014, as per the report by IDC. Furthermore the data by International Data Corporation suggested that the total revenue generation was of $4.4 billion in the Linus and open source database market. By doing so, the tech company will only increase its prospects in the specific market.

The technology company has managed to get numerous customers on board as it has been offering its product at a much lower price in comparison to that of Oracle’s, according to the CEO. He added that this strategy is likely to continue with the latest product as well. To discuss the novel product, Satya has stated that they will conduct an event in New York or Thursday; furthermore along with the product, they will be discussing the organization’s overall corporate data plan as well.

In a time span of three fiscal years, Scott Guthrie stated that Microsoft has added as much as $2 billion in SQL Server sales This move has come in time when there is a significant change in the specific market, as per the estimations the relational-database market is likely to grow at a rate of 6.6% yearly on average till 2019. Currently the market is worth $33 billion and by 2019 it is expected to be a market worth $41 billion provided it grows by the calculated rate.

This latest product will be the biggest product to be brought by Linux in terms of sales, and will show a momentous change in the relationship between Microsoft and Linux along with other open-source communities.


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