Qualcomm Inc. has Finally Learnt from its Past Experiences

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The chip-maker has gained back its glory once again as it’s Snapdragon 320 processor has been called the best one at the Mobile World Congress.

After being the showstopper at the Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm Inc. is not planning on slowing down. The chipmaker giant’s Snapdragon 320 won the best processor at the MWC and it will be powered on a number of top notch smartphone some of which include Samsung, LG, HP and Sony. The organization now is planning on speeding up its diversification drive.

Qualcomm Inc. is considered the leader in the mobile processor business up till now; major smartphone manufacturers rely on the chipmaker’s processors. However, the company is aware of the saturation point that the smartphone industry has hit and now it believes that the mobile processor market cannot be its sole stream of revenue. As per the latest announcement by the chipmaker organization, it will be making a Snapdragon Wear chipset, as its latest endeavor. Now the giant is working on expanding its scope of operations.

In the last few months, at various moments the chip manufacturing company has made numerous announcements showing how interested it is to enter the sever market. The company now is aiming at making server chips specifically for China as it is the world’s most populated country; and it happens to be the perfect time for the company to do so as Chinese National Government now prefers home produced processors rather than imported ones.

Additionally, a rumor has been circling around that the world’s largest search engine company, Alphabet Inc. might be shifting its processors from Intel to Qualcomm Inc. now. If this rumor turns out to be true, it would be devastating for the largest chip maker in the industry, Intel as currently it owns 99% of the chip market and after losing Alphabet Inc. it is likely to lose a high chunk of that market share. As for American Chipmaker Company, if the news is true he will be working together with one of the largest technology giants in the industry and it will simply increase its credibility and furthermore open up other big opportunities for it.

It seems as though the giant has finally learnt from its past experiences as it has gained back one of its biggest partners Samsung Electronics. With the failure of Snapdragon 310, the chipmaker lost its business from the Korean smartphone maker, but after the success of the latest processor, it has managed to get Samsung back on board, Currently, it is also working on making processors for other low-end smartphone makers as well; as incase if such a scenario repeats itself, the company will not be significantly have a bad impact on its revenue.


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