Facebook, Inc.’s Executive In Brazil Released

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The social media network’s executive was detained in Brazil on a WhatsApp related issued; however he has been released now.

On Tuesday night, Brazilian police detained Facebook’s Latin America VP, Diego Dzodan in Sao Paulo as he refused to help the authorities to break in to the suspects WhatsApp account. The court had requested Facebook to give information regarding the suspects WhatsApp messages who was involved in drug trafficking and other criminal activities.

The authorities stated that they needed the social media network’s help as they believed that suspect might have communicated his plans via Facebook Messenger or the WhatsApp Messenger. A judge in the state of Sergipe called for the detention of the executive who have been released from custody now, as per the news.

It was because of the higher court that the executive was released as they stated that he had nothing to with the criminal investigation and ruled in favor of social networking company. However Diego Dzodan still spent a night in jail but the authorities called it detention and not an arrest. The social media website has ensured that it will assist the authorities as much as it can and so will the executive but of course they will still within the limits of the service.

After this incident, WhatsApp has decided to strengthen its security encryption to ensure maximum security and privacy to its users. Additionally, the instant messaging apps spokesman stated that the messaging platform does not support wiretaps; in addition to that the company has no offices in the state due to which it has no servers in Brazil to store the messages.

Furthermore, the social media company was not happy with this at all as it stated that it was highly disproportionate because Facebook Inc. and WhatsApp work separately. And detaining a Facebook executive was an extreme measure on the authority’s part. This is not the first time the authorities has questioned Facebook and requested it to assist them in such cases.

Four months ago, they requested the social media to wiretap again in an investigating involving a drug carrying cocaine in their vehicle, according to spokesperson for Federal Police in Aracuja, Monica Horta. Two months after the incident, Facebook failed to comply due to which it was charged a fine of $254,000. The spokesperson further stated that the information that would find in the chat will be important evidence in a drug related criminal investigation.

Back in December the instant messaging app was even blocked in Sao Paulo for a while because it failed to provide information in a similar criminal investigation however that ban was taken off after 24 hours.


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