Google Inc. Won’t Hear The End of it From Other Tech Companies

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The search engine giant’s is never going to hear the end of it from other tech giants who are working on autonomous cars because the recent crash caused them at least another 10 years for self-driving cars to be seen on the roads.

The latest technology after Virtual Reality that most of the major tech companies are after nowadays is Autonomous cars. The news has been flooded with the news of self-driving cars for a while now; especially Alphabet Inc. It has been testing its autonomous cars on the roads of United States as well even though the approval of such cars driving on the roads is still debatable. And since one of Alphabet’s cars has had an accident it puts the company is an embarrassing position to even argue regarding the matter.

This is the first ever time that an autonomous car has gotten into an accident due to the car’s fault. As per the filing made with the California Regulators on February 23, the car got into an accident on February 14 in Mountain View; Google’s Lexus RX450H was trying to make a turn on the wide lane when the incident happened. The car crashed into a municipal bus, it was driving at 2 miles per hour while the municipal bus was driving at 15 miles per hour. There was test driver in the car, he did not take an action because he thought that the bus would give some way to the car and it was too late before he could stop the car. On the autonomous mode it got into a small crash which caused a minor damage to the car as well as the bus.

The search engine giant said in a statement earlier that it was the company’s car’s fault as if the car had not moved the small collision would not have happened however the test driver thought that the bus driver would give way to the car or stop and allow the self-driving car to get in the lane. He added that the driver thought that there was enough space for the car to move.

The autonomous car is presently under scrutiny by Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority and ever since the crash happened Google had made some changes in the software of their self-driving cars. This latest incident is likely to cause problems with the approval of such cars on the roads; google has been working for way too long on this technology to be disappointed by the authorities so it is trying its best to win this battle and gain that approval.

However, the safely authorities have always stated that such autonomous cars are a risk to the people and might never be safe to be driven on main roads. Presently, the software that the companies are working on is not sufficient to gain approval from the safety authorities as they are unable to understand complexities of road traffic and no one can risk that, at this point.

Google has relentlessly argued that self-driving cars working with softwares are much safer than cars driven by people but we believe that because of the crash they will not be saying that for a while. It might as well take another 10 years for the technology to get approval, maybe in the next ten years we might just be sitting in such cars … who knows.


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