Facebook Inc. Rolls Out its Live Streaming Feature For Android Users

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The social media network has finally decided to launch the Live Streaming feature for android users.

Facebook Inc. has announced that it will be rolling out its live video streaming service for all of its android users in the United States starting next week. Initially, the social media giant had only made the service available to its customers with verified profiles like major celebrities to test the much anticipated feature.

In addition to that, the social media network had already made the live video streaming available on the IOS last month in the United States and starting today it users in over 30 countries will be able to enjoy the live streaming service as well.

All the android and iOS users across the globe can easily use the service simply tapping on the status bar and clicking on the Live Video Icon. They can even select who they want the viewers of the live feed to be – additionally they can add a little description to their feed and they are good to broadcast. Users can keep an eye on who is viewing their broadcast with the help of Facebook Analytics tools. Furthermore, the number of viewers of the feed can be counted and the comments they leave on the broadcast can be seen in real-time as well.

These videos can be later on saved on the user’s Facebook profile unless they decide to delete them. This feature introduced by the networking website is quite similar to that of Twitter’s Periscope where people can share their live broadcast, view the number of viewers as well as the comments that they post. The advantage that Facebook Live has over Periscope is that it can be down on the same app (Facebook App) instead of switching to another app to avail the feature. As for Twitter users, they have to switch between two apps to use Periscope (Twitter and Periscope app).

Facebook Inc. has mentioned that even though iOS users could take advantage of the feature way before Android users got their hands on it, it is essential to note that more than 50% of the users of the social media website comprise of android users and make up people who watch those Live Streams. That is the reason why the networking site launched the feature on the android operating system soon after.

It is yet to see if this feature has a positive impact on the 1.6 billion monthly active users of the social media site. For the public figures however this could prove to be a useful tool as they will be able to reach a huge amount of audience with just a click of a button; but it could equally have a negative impact as well mainly because it is giving too much power to speak on such a humongous platform.

Additionally, these Live Streams can also be saved by users to be viewed later on. According to a research conducted by the social media giant, it was revealed by the company that users view Live feed at least three times longer than saved broadcast videos on a user’s profile.  Users can even get a notification if any person is streaming live if they simply ‘subscribe’ to the person live feeds.


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