Microsoft First Smartphone In FY16: Not That Impressive

Microsoft smartphone, Windows Phone


Lumia 650 seems to be another misery for Microsoft.

Microsoft Corporation has not been doing quite well when it comes to the smartphone business. However, Windows 10 is surfacing among a wider audience thus the company’s interest in standard apps to be present on all the platform makes a lot of sense.

Sadly, the company came up with the first smartphone that was running Windows 10 in 20016 known as the Lumia 650 which failed to garner traction since it was a low end smartphone that failed to highlight the potential of the brand.

Basically, the smartphone has a metal finish and is priced at $200 that has a 5-inch OLED display. Equipped with a 5 megapixel front and 8 megapixel rear cameras. The device is extremely light weight and is thinner than the iPhone 6s- which is certainly not its competitor. The company has spent time on giving the device a premium feel by equipping it with a polished, diamond cut and aluminum frame.

The device has the necessary add on which might intrigue an Apple or Android user to opt for the device. Moreover, it also caters to the needs of the corporate clientele with all the necessary features that make it perfect for enterprise use. It is also priced economically which can tempt all the consumers who want a cheap yet top notch smartphone.

Despite all the advantages and features of this smartphone, it still failed to lure consumer interest. By launching the Lumia 650, the company will not damage any of its rivals. This would have been fine if the company shared insights regarding the target audience of MSFT.

Although it caters to the needs of the enterprise sector but it still misses on certain core requirements that are essential for the corporate sector. The camera is also not on par with other Lumia products and the specifications are rather low end. However, the prices give another reflection altogether.

It won’t be wrong to say that Microsoft has left consumers baffled with this launch. The problem is not that the smartphone which is debuted falls under the category of a bad phone. However, the target audience of the brand is still not clear. A thin smartphone that runs Windows OS is fine but it wishes to sabotage Apple iPhone or Xiaomi is still unclear.

The company at this point of time seems to be extremely confused regarding what it really wishes to deliver. It is quite obvious that Microsoft wishes to redeem itself in the smartphone market but the first step that will contribute towards its success will be coming up with a streamlined strategy that ensures that they are on the right track.

Moreover, the target audience needs to be chalked out and catered as per their needs. Loading a phone with enterprise apps and low end specs will just further ignite the misery.

Thus, the solution to the company’s problem is a Surface Phone which belongs to a range that is said to be a game changer for Microsoft.


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