Alphabet Inc.’s Gets Approval by Federal Authorities to Run Its Autonomous Cars

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The search engine giant is the first ever technology giant to get approval for its autonomous cars.

Alphabet Inc.’s dream of penetrating into the autonomous car segment is a step closer to its fulfilment. The US Vehicle Safety Regulators sent a letter to Google approving the artificial intelligence that was running the latest Google car and stated that under the Federal Law it can be considered as a driver. This approval has just brought the company a step closer to bringing its cars on the roads.

The search engine giant has submitted a proposal on November 12, 2015 to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration –NHTSA mentioning the design of its self-driving car and the technology that it was run on. This regulatory agency helps various organizations to work on their safety standards while designing cars; but they are willing to approve the software as a ‘driver’ that is running these autonomous cars made by Alphabet.

Google is not the only organization that is working on these self-driving vehicles; although it is the only technology giant to have gotten approval from the authorities. Other such technology giants in the business who are working on the same innovative vehicles include Tesla Motors and Apple, Inc. However these two companies have not yet been able to reach up to and fulfill the requirements of the regulators – as they have strict safety laws and regulations that the businesses need to live up to if they were want to see their autonomous cars running on the roads.

Due to the reason that the other companies working on the same technology have not yet gotten approval from the authority are not complaining that this is delaying the testing process as well as the deployment of these vehicles. Furthermore, the authorities have also stated that these latest cars need to have steering, wheels, brake pedals as well as a licensed driver so that it’s a simple car in its essence but could run without all these things as well.

It is safe to say that we will be able to get our hands on these self-driving cars soon enough since Google’s system has gotten approval but it still needs to work on a few strict things which might take a while. According to the approval given by the Federal Agency, these cars require further safety equipment which include the braking system activation by foot and it has also provided the company with a specific map on which these automobiles are allowed to function.

According to Google, having the dual system in the cars could actually be a major problem as it would give people the impression that they can take control of the vehicle. Because of the device gives people the option of a steering wheel and acceleration; they will want to override the automatic system of the cars. The chief of NHTSA did take this concern into consideration as stated that the standards set on the vehicle need to be rewritten before the company launched the autos.



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