Netflix Binge Watch Can Reveal Seriousness Of Relationships

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On the basis of binge watching, Netflix’s survey can determine the commitment and seriousness of a relationship.

Netflix Inc. has made itself significant in almost everyone’s lives. Ever since it started to offer online video content services, it is allowing consumers to not only connect with the entertainment world but with people in their lives as well. Daily Mail says that the company plays an important role in most of the relationships. Last year, a phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ started to gain immense traction amongst the viewers and it was mainly used for a casual date.

Since then, the concept of ‘Netflix and chill’ has really taken over the minds of viewers and the company now promotes it as well considering its advantages. Now, the streaming company provides access to a great entertainment catalogue, which comprises of online movies and TV shows. According to a researcher, it is believed that it has become acceptable now as a casual date activity. It used its popular phrase in order to determine how its service affects the dating habits of users.

The company gathered 1,008 participants from its 40 million American users to take its survey. All participants aged between 18 and 29 and were asked a set of questions. Netflix stated that binge watching on its platform could easily reveal the seriousness of relationships among its consumers.

The survey asked users if sharing Netflix passwords with their partner means that the relationship is serious or holds no significance. More than half of the 1,008 participants believed that sharing passwords show that the relationship is serious. On the other hand, a few users refused to give up their account information to the other person until they are married.

Furthermore, almost 75% of the participants said that Netflix is now acceptable for casual dating purposes and it is being done now mostly. Almost 51% of the people also mentioned that sharing account information is like achieving a milestone in a relationship and it is similar to that of Facebook’s relationship status.

A fair number of people decided to stay ‘pure’ until they tie the knot with their partner. Nearly 17% of the participants refused to share credentials.

58% Netflix users surveyed feel that watching a movie or TV show on the streaming service with the person they are in relationship is not only a great method to save money but also strengthens the bond between them. Binge watching means to watch a series for long hours and staying up long hours with partner would surely ignite the spark in the relationship.

The survey concluded that the company could reveal seriousness about a relationship. It has had an impact on not only the individual lives but proved to be as significant in a relationship as well. The firm mentioned that one in every ten persons would choose to go out based on TV shows and movies preferences.

Netflix is massively growing across the globe. It provides services to 190 countries now having nearly 75 million subscribers from all over the world.



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