Alphabet Inc. Decided To Take Facebook’s VR Oculus Rift Head On

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The search engine giant is planning on officially entering the virtual reality market; which would result in a more intense war with Facebook and other small rivals.

Alphabet Inc. wants in on everything – as a number of technology corporations shows interest in the latest technology of Virtual Reality, Alphabet Inc. does not want to get left behind and has decided to enter the much competitive market. According to reports by the Financial Times, in order to add extra support to its Android operating system, the search engine giant has decided to develop a novel virtual reality headset for smartphones.

The latest platform war that has been going on at Silicon Valley is that of Virtual Reality headsets, Google’s parent company is ready to take Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Samsung head on. According to the reports, the novel device is expected to be launch by the end of the current year.

Initially the company remained discrete about the matter; but as job postings started to surface that attract VR individuals it became clear what the company was up to. These job postings were interested in individuals for a VR camera so it is expected that, that is something which Alphabet might be launching later this year as well.

Back in 2014, a virtual reality viewer by the name of Google Cardboard was launched – so it is popularly believed that the headset is likely to be the successor of the viewing device. Previously it had a cardboard casing while the new product is expected to have a solid plastic casing which would differentiate it from its predecessors. The Google Cardboard relied completely on a smartphone while the features of the VR headset show that there will be improved sensors and lenses which would make it no rely much on a smartphone. Additionally, according to the report provided by the Financial Times, the device will be utilizing most of the smartphone’s processing power.

Furthermore, the VR headset is just a bonus along with that we are expected finally see the much rumored Android VR operating system. This news came out back in 2015 when The Wall Street Journal reported it; however not much information was provided on the device but the details of it are available. The largest search engine corporation in the world was initially uses the conventional app way to use Google Cardboard but now it has planned to embed a latest software straight in the android operating system.

Presently, no new product announcement have been made by the company itself but two new are likely to be unveiled at Google’s Annual Developer Conference, I/O which is expected to start on May 18, 2016. During the earnings call for the fourth quarter, Google’s chief executive officer Sundar Pichai showed his interest in VR – additionally, the search engine corporation has received better than expected results for its Cardboard as it has delivered over five million units of the product since its launch. The company remains hopeful for the future of the device.



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