Samsung 4K Ultra Blu Ray Player Now Available For Purchase

4K Ultra Blu Ray Player, HDR video content, Netflix Amazon Prime

Samsung product, 4K Ultra Blu Ray Player, can now be purchased earlier than anticipated.

Samsung Electronics planned to release its 4k Ultra Blu Ray disc players later this year, which is good news for couch potatoes who want to enjoy the amazing resolution offered by the players. The South Korean tech giant has already released this player and it can now be purchased earlier than expected by customers. The first batch is already set for delivery.

The Galaxy maker’s upcoming player is the first ever 4K Blu Ray player. Customers who live in South of California can actually purchase and enjoy this device. A store, Santa Monica’s Video & Audio Center, has this product and it can be purchased from there easily. However, there has been a rumor that the product is already sold out and the next delivery is going to arrive this week, but buyers will have to wait for nine days now.

Samsung 4K Player can be purchased for $399. It is on sale earlier than people expected. It was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just last month. A limited quantity of this product can be bought from LA, but the tech company has not revealed the date as to when this product will be available in whole United States. This player has the feature of 3-D viewing and can even be handled wirelessly for 4K streaming from the users’ favorite provider, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

This player from the maker of the best smartphones in the world is ideal for individuals who like to enjoy the video at its best. It will provide customers with the best resolution and give a theatrical experience to the customers. The quality offered by the player can be witnessed before purchase, as the stores selling it are showcasing the movie “The Martian”, which will provide a hint to customers of what they are buying and if the product is worth their money or not.

Good news is that this product has been released earlier than expected, and can be purchased within a few days according to many retailers. The South Korean company’s first 4K Blu Ray Player has already received a good amount of attention and will keep on doing so due to its spectacular offerings.

Samsung never stays behind when it comes to giving its customers with the best tech in the market today. Many other competitors offer their versions of products, which consequently tightens the competition for the company.



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