Twitter Is Coming Up With New Ways To Combat Online Harassment

Online Social Harassment , Periscope, Automatic monitoring,

Twitter’s periscope is working on tools that in the future will be able to monitor and take actions when it comes to online harassment automatically

Twitter Incorporation is coming up with new ways to combat online harassment which is becoming widely common and harming the social media platform. Sometimes freedom of speech is not as good as one hopes it would be, the micro blogging company’s periscope is making efforts to construct a tool that will automatically monitor accounts for any content of harassment and take the necessary actions to erase the content and in some case, the account, not just tweets but live videos shared by accounts will also be given a check.

Twitter Inc. is battling with users who comments regarding religion, race, gender, ethnicity and other differences, negatively. Freedom of speech can sometimes lead to individuals saying what pleases them without caring about the feeling or impact it plays on the social media platform where millions of people can see the content.  The business’s periscope can be expected to come up with solution soon for this as it is working on an automatic tool to monitor such offensive content and take actions against it.

The social media network is widely popular, some users have made multiple accounts on the platform, and in case one gets blocked they use the other accounts and keep publishing offensive content. This is damaging for the business and even the people who use the social media service, hence the company is coming with a solution to combat harassment. The told will consist of an algorithm that will spot offensive posts and will inform the operators of the app in order to handle the matter with more confidentiality. The CEO of Periscope, Kavyon Beykpour informed the public.

The social media giant recently removed the check symbol off of an account of a user who is quite popular due to some of his posts being offensive, rather than banning the user entirely from the platform. The check symbol is verification of mostly accounts of people that have been verified telling other users that the account is legit, as celebrities would have multiple accounts but only one of them would actually be theirs, mainly the ones with the check symbol.

Periscope was introduced by Twitter only last, it is live video sharing service through an individual’s smartphone.  The CEO of the service said, “You will see a series of improvements from us that help address the problem, there will be a variety of consequences, including banning from commenting, depending on how severe the crime is.”  Periscope was bought by Jack Dorsey last year in order to increase user growth, and is now introducing a new option where users will be able to save the videos they watch.



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