Amazon To Set Up An AWS Hub In Montreal

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The retailer announced that it will be creating a hub in Montreal Canada for its cloud computing business.

For its cloud computing business, Amazon Web Service, the retail giant, Amazon has planned to set up another hub in Montreal, Canada in order to reach to the masses. This launch is likely to affect other cloud computing businesses in the area such as Microsoft’s Azure. Additionally, it plans on launching its web services business in other countries including India, China and the United Kingdom as well, in order to expand its AWS network.

To get ahead in the race, Microsoft Corporation has also announced that it will be introducing its cloud computing services in a number of places as well including Quebec and Toronto, Canada. However these data centers will become active later during the current year. By introducing these services in the country it will allows customers including individual customers as well as large organizations to save their data on the cloud, all across Canada.

Presently, AWS data centers are available in over 17 regions worldwide that are expected to go live in 2016 and is available in over 42 zones while Microsoft’s Azure is present in 22 geographical region and is likely to add 5 more regions to the count.

This expansion spree might give the e-commerce giant a competitive advantage over its rivals in the cloud services as currently it is the most accessible service worldwide, with the right amount of security compliance. The Amazon Web Service is considered as the market leader in the industry and has also managed to generate a lot gains for the online shopping company. In the near future, it is bound to become the most profitable unit of Amazon; a 78% year over year growth was witnessed in the cloud services distributed by the organization to almost $2 billion.

In other news, as per the reports by Bloomberg, Amazon did not report over 26 work related injuries in New Jersey and has been subjected to government fines due to that. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration – OSHA, the retailer needs to get its priorities straight as currently dispatching its products on time has become more important for the company than its employee’s health. It added that in an attempt to provide faster deliveries to its customers, the employees of the organization have started to pay the cost.

A fine of $7000 has to be paid by Amazon along with changing its warehouse practices; these practices should now be revolved around an employee’ safety and well-being. According to the investigation done by the Safety authorities, the employees were not given proper protective gears in these warehouses. This is not the first time the organization’s workplace ethics have been questioned.




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