AT&T Renews Its Agreement With BMW; Brings Hot-Spot Services to Vehicles

AT&T Renews Its Agreement With BMW; Brings Hot-Spot Services to Vehicles

The telecommunication organization is going all out to be the pioneer of internet services in automobiles.

According to an announcement by the largest telecommunication corporation in the United States, AT&T Inc., it has signed a renewal agreement with BMW to provide high speed internet service to all the vehicles made by the company in North America. For the present year it is all ready to expand its operational services and business.

It has carried on this agreement of providing high internet speed with BMW since 2008 and from this renewed agreement it will be providing Wi-Fi hot spot services through the telecom company’s 4G LTE network. For an additional cost of $10 monthly, consumers of the telecom giant will be able to avail AT&T Mobile Share Value Plan on their latest devices. This novel service by the organization will allow users to share data between their tablets, phone and other gadgets.

Mostly at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, the telecommunication corporation introduces its new devices, phones or shows off its wireless network capabilities but this year it’s all going to be about cars and how far it has gone to connect the vehicles to the internet.

According to Ralph de le Vega, the chief executive officer of the company, it’s a new AT&T now which is a part of the Internet of Things. It is an idea that connects every device that a consumer uses on a daily basis to the internet and controllable via the net. In the current year, the sales of this latest technology will account to as much as $287 billion, according to the Consumer Technology Association. This makes the concept quite evidently since most of the tech giant in the industry is working on getting into it some way or another.

Simultaneously, the concept of high speed internet in cars has become one of the most important aspects of the Dallas based business as well. According to a study conducted by the organization, three out of every four people, while buying a car, consider internet in cars to be a very important feature. It added over 1.5 billion new connected devices to its portfolio in the third quarter for the previous year, out of which over 1 million were only connected to cars.

During 2014, the cellular giant, in hopes of catering to the automobile market launched two major initiatives which included the Drive Studio and AT&T Drive. The former is a connected car innovation center while the latter is a global automotive development and solution platform. It’s safe to say that the launch of these programs made the telecom business the pioneer who introduced internet services to automobiles.


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