Microsoft Has Entered 2016 With A Bang

Microsoft Has Entered 2016 With A Bang

Microsoft has strong plans for its business in 2016 with focus on hardware, software and cloud computing

Microsoft Corporation was on its top game in 2015 where it seemed like the company was on an acquisition spree. The company had a relatively minimal cash base to govern purchases but it took advantage of its high stock price to make sufficient acquisitions that will assist the company in the long run. This resulted in having access over 20 startups and companies. The company is likely to continue this trend in FY16 since it plans to have on board all those companies that incline to their future plans. Slack- a communication tool firm is expected to be the next worthy acquisition by the company.

The Windows 10 giant at this point of time is extremely quiet about its future endeavors. This makes it quite vague to predict whether the company will come up with exciting Microsoft product in 2016 or not. However, the announcements regarding HoloLens and Surface are in the pipeline. It is assumed that the company will come up with a Surface phone that will be a replacement for the Lumia series and will breathe in fresh air to Windows smartphones.

As per the rumors, the company is likely to come up with an updated version of Xbox One which will be lighter and will cater only to the games on Windows store. This is in compliance to their plans of bidding farewell to discs. This initiative is actually being sought after and is likely to give a tough time to Apple TV. The service can make a debut anytime this year as the company is devoted to an update that will be for non-pro Surface which is expected to be a great change to give a tough time to competitors.

Considering the company’s software side, the company is all geared up to come up with its next big update for servers known as Windows Server 2016. Redstone is expected to be in the limelight this annum by coming up with two feature packs scheduled to be launched during Fall and Spring. The pack launched in Fall will be a small update for Windows 10 that will result in a better Extension For Edge, Cortana and updated File Explorer experience etc. for users.

The company is also devoted to bolstering its cloud platform by adding new features and services that are likely to intrigue the masses in the future. The company with Azure plans to give a tough time to Amazon. Com Inc.’s cloud computing business operations.


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