Mark Zuckerberg Plans To Focus On Artificial Intelligence In 2016

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The CEO of the social media giant is planning to bring artificial intelligence to his home for the new year.

Next objective on Mark Zuckerberg’s list to achieve is ‘Artificial Intelligence’. The chief executive officer of the most popular social media website plans to keep his focus on AI in 2016. According to a post by him on Monday, he plans to run his home by AI for the current year to help him with his work. He stated that it would be something like Jarvis from Iron Man.

The 31-year old billionaire further stated that he would explore the technology that is already out there and start using it in his home, starting from the basic things such as lights, temperature, music etc. He plans to teach the device allow his friends inside by simply letting them look at the doorbell for the entrance. In terms of his work, he plans to use this technology to view his data in virtual reality in order to build better services for the customers and leading the organization more efficiently.

In other news, Facebook stock has seen an upward graph for the past two and a half years and has inclined by as much as 180%. Investors, at this point, wonder whether 2016 will be yet another winning year for the Silicon Valley giant. From the year 2010, the revenue generation of the social media site has increased to $12.4 billion by 2014, from initial revenue of $1.9 billion.

The social media giant has acquired and accomplished a lot in 2015, including the introduction of third-party apps, revamping its mobile app, Timeline, search, innovation in Facebook Messenger and pages. On the other hand, apart from the core business, its three major subsidiaries have kept the investors quite optimistic for the future as well.

User interaction and usage has continued to increase aggressively on the photo blogging platform, Instagram. Its ad business has been flourishing and has provided a multi-billion dollar platform to the networking organization. Additionally, Messenger and WhatsApp have become the basic communication tools now that carry their own sizeable monetization potential.

It is safe to say that the stock of the social media giant will never be cheap and in case that ever happens, it will be the best time to purchase. Investors should focus on buying the shares at this time instead of waiting for the ‘perfect purchasing’ opportunity, according to The Motley Fool.

Presently, the stock is being traded at a share price of $104.66 indicating a decrease of 1.47% with earnings per share and price to earnings ratio of 1.00 and 105.14 respectively. In the previous trading session, the stock hit a high of $110.65 and a low of $72.00.



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