Google Aims At Competing Facebook With Its Messaging Service

Google Aims At Competing Facebook With Its Messaging Service

The search engine giant is now working on building a mobile messaging app to compete with Facebook messenger and other messaging apps.

To compete with Facebook, Inc., Google is planning on launching its own mobile messaging app. The search engine giant is doing so by tapping into its artificial intelligence know-how and chatbot technology, according to people who are familiar with the matter. At this point, Google’s spokeswoman has declined to comment.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the search engine giant has been working on this mobile messaging service for over a year now but as of now there is no news about when it will be launching. There isn’t much information about this service yet but it is likely to be as powerful as the search engine itself which means a user will be able to ask for answers for normal questions related to details on a restaurant or the weather. The Journal further stated that the search engine company might allow outside developers to build their own bots on the service as well.

At this point, Google does not have a successful messaging service or application. The news sounded like the company was directly competing with Facebook’s “M” project. This project of the social media giant’s is aimed at helping a user do everything and anything online from shopping to booking restaurant reservations. Some tech savvy users call these new messaging app trend ChatOps, since 2015 has been the year of many messaging apps coming into being.

In other news, Ford Motor’s stock has managed to rise as talks of both, the automobile and search engine have been circling around. The stock is at $14.09 as of Tuesday, indicating an increase of 2.62%. According to these talks, google and ford motors might be coming together to work on building self-driving cars. The announcement for this collaboration will be made at the Consumer Electronics Show which is held in Las Vegas annually, if the deal is finalized. The show usually takes at the beginning of the year, according to reports by Automotive News.

At this point, the company has not commented on Automotive’s news but it did state the search engine company has been in talks with a number of automakers. According to The Street’s portfolio manager, Jim Cramer a person doesn’t buy Ford on a new like this but opts for buying Alphabet since it is an engine of ideas.

As for the messaging app, the search engine giant has been working on it since a year and the company’s veteran Nick Fox in October has offered to buy 200 Labs Inc. This is a small startup that works on building chatbots. However this offer was decline by the startup company.



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