Ford Motors Has Received Approval From California State Authority For Its Self-driving Cars

Ford Motors Has Received Approval From California State Authority For Its Self-driving Cars

The automobile giant is now not only in competition with other automobile companies but also technology companies as self-driving cars come into existence.

In year 2016, Ford Motor can officially begin testing their self-driving cars on the roads of California. The self-driving vehicle by the automobile company is Ford Fusion Hybrid, which is all set for a test drive on the roads of the country. Currently, the automobile has already been tested in Michigan and Arizona; with the help of structured road infrastructure the cars will be better able to deal with traffic and changing road conditions.

According to Ford news, the automobile corporation has planned to test a number of Hybrid cars on the roads of California, which most likely will be tested on pre-planned routes. These routes could include highways and city streets. As per the reports, provided by the company, the vehicles will be guided by 3-D map technology. Legislation has been passed by the California state Authority to allow the use of self-driving cars on the roads of the cities. A number of company’s cars have been seen on the Golden Gate roadway including those of Alphabet, Inc. and Volkswagen.

Along with these automobile and tech companies, many other manufacturers have also received approval for using autonomous cars technology on the roads. Some of the companies are Tesla Motors, Honda Motors, etc. most of which will start selling these self-driving vehicles by 2020.

In January, the automobile giant established a research and innovation center in California and hired more than 100 employees who were researches and engineers to work on innovative technology which puts it in an ideal position to establish partnerships with various Silicon Valley based tech companies. Along with targeting tech giants, the automobile company is also making efforts to develop relationships with various universities.

In 2016, Ford Corporation is planning on establishing relationships with Stanford University. Together they plan to work on over 13 projects mainly focusing on resolving technical issues in automated driving. Another program that both the company and university will be working on is the Smart Mobility project which will revolve around building internet connectivity for driverless cars and car-sharing.

At this point, it is not just automobile corporations that are competing with one another but automobile companies are now in competition with technology companies such as Uber, Google and Baidu Inc. The automobile industry right now needs to focus on developing expertise in digital technology because the future will mostly be about driverless cars with internet connectivity.

As for the rivals, Google’s autonomous cars have been tested in a number of different states completing 1.3 million miles. Currently, these vehicles drive are 25 miles per hour.



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