Microsoft Battles Out Delay In Surface Series

Microsoft Battles Out Delay In Surface Series

Microsoft Surface series embraces delays because of Skylake processor malfunctioning

All those people who are anxiously waiting to get their hands on Surface Pro 4 and other Surface devices during Christmas are most likely to be extremely sad now. The shipments that were scheduled for the fourth quarter are likely to be delayed by Microsoft Corporation.

In contrasts to what the majority might be thinking, the delay in the shipments will not be because of the excessive demand which the manufacturers could not keep pace with but there is another reason that has affected the shipments. Intel Corporation, that was responsible to come up with substantial quantities of Skylake processors.

According to the recent reports that have been obtained from Germany which claims that the Skylake processors tend to bend when they were positioned under CPU coolers manufactured by third parties. Skylake is extremely thin in comparison to its predecessors and bends when any pressure is exerted on it by the coolers in case the device is moved. Intel is well aware of the issue that the tech giant has been dealing. They have also put a halt to production and is currently reviewing the design and thickness of the device.

This dealy is actually bad news for Microsoft products and services since the competition in the industry is very tight for the hybrid 2 in 1 devices. The company had to compete with Apple’s iPad Pro that has been launched recently. However, it now seems like circumstances have forced MSFT to back off. The iPad Pro already had an edge in terms of pricing and its best model is priced less in comparison to the Surface series. So now iPad may lure all those buyers who wish to get their hands on the gadget before New Year.

It si also claimed by DigiTimes that the first trimester might be extremely lucrative for Microsoft in comparison to its rivals. This is because the rivals are likely to minimize shipments due to the festive season. However, the demand for top notch devices like the Surface series is expected to remain strong. As per the sources, in the coming quarter, the shipments for the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are likely to exceed 100,000 units and 200,000 units individually.

At this point all we can do is rely on speculations. But the delay in shipment for December is not great news that can make consumers and vendors sad altogether. At this point of time, no official statement has been released by the company.



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