Microsoft Seems Ready To Fight Rivals

Microsoft Seems Ready To Fight Rivals

The software giant is being analyzed by analysts very closely as it seems to be taking up competition in the market quite seriously

Microsoft Corporation has not forgotten the fact that it was once on top of its game in the tech industry and seemingly wants to attain its old position back in the industry, by one way or the other. With the launch of a grand new operating system in the form of the new Windows 10, the software giant seems well aware of where it is headed and how it plans to go forward in the cut throat tech and software industry. The giant has not only launched the new Windows, but it has also come up with its own version of a personal assistant named as the Cortana.

This digital assistant has been released in competition with Apple’s Siri and Alphabet’s Google Now, which are already established software apps in iPhones and Android devices. However, Microsoft software is here to make itself noticed and analysts are of the opinion that with Cortana, the giant might be doing just that. According to reports, the assistance provided by the tech giant to the users is not only faster but it is also a better platform for the users to give in their personal information without the fear of it getting misused in any way. News suggests that Cortana has also been made capable to references in the contextual manner, which is something that neither of its rivals has managed to offer in their assisting software apps.

On the other hand, analysts are considering the different moves being made by Microsoft software team as highly competitive and strong enough to put any rival down. Along with the release of Cortana, the hardware company has also announced the launch of new headphones which have specially been made for the blind people of the society, as by putting these on, they will be able to see and know things that they previously could not enjoy due to their disability. This headset has been deemed as ‘smart’ as they will also be proving as the first step that the giant takes into the smart technology space which previously it was not willing to enter without a backup plan.

One of the most important factors that have put Cortana on top of the game as compared to its rivals is that it has been made available by the software giant to not only Android but also iOS which is being considered as one of the best marketing techniques ever pulled by a company to promote a digital assistant in the past.


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