Priv Might Turn Things Around for BlackBerry Despite Security Issues

Priv Might Turn Things Around for BlackBerry Despite Security Issues

The smart phone making company is positive about feedback it could be getting for Priv, but analysts believe there might be a serious security problem in the phone now that the giant is not using its own software anymore

BlackBerry has notably under the strict gaze of the bears in the stock market despite its efforts to make a change in how it leads its business on a massive level. The software giant recently announced the launch of its most recent smart phone called the Priv, which was welcomed in the industry with mixed emotions of analysts and fans. This is the first phone that the classic phone makers have incorporated Android operating system in, which is a step being taken very positively by the pundits in the market, that were previously highly bearish about the giant’s hardware business.

A couple of months back in March, BlackBerry software business was deemed as a competition in the smart phone industry which was not strong enough to beat the strengths which have been shown by other rivals like Apple, Alphabet and even Microsoft. The once successful mobile phone making company now seems to be going through a tough patch in the revenue generation through hardware but the giant has taken up this opportunity to introduce a brand new phone in the market with the most used operating system in smart phones, so that now the users in the industry have no excuse to avoid the phones being made by the Canadian company.

Analysts in the smart phone market are viewing the offerings being made by BlackBerry business through the Priv and believe that the fact that the users can have an Android OS in the gadget already takes the phone much higher on the scale as compared to the previously launched phones by the company. Now here is the thing: even though there might be a lot of people who are utterly satisfied with the new phone, those customers that the cell phone making company generated money from are believed to be highly unsatisfied with it.

The main reason for this problem is that BlackBerry software has always turned out to be the first option for businessmen and government enterprises as the company has always been famous for the provision of the best kind of security that is yet to be offered in the market. With the adoption of Android, many analysts believe that the once satisfied customers with the high quality security might not have the same sentiments towards phones anymore as security is the last thing that one can depend on if Android is being used. For the company, this might be a problem as it could end up losing its old customers but on the brighter side, it might also attract some new ones in the long run.


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