Tesla Might Achieve Its Target

Tesla Might Achieve Its Target

Tesla might pave its way back to redemption as portrayed by Credit Suisse

Tesla Motors Inc. has become the prime focus of analysts and investors due to the issues faced by the company. The issues are of diversified nature like the Model X production, full year guidance, not being able to deliver 500,000 cars by the fiscal year of 2020. Moreover, analysts at The Street are also okay with forgiving the car maker for extreme losses and cash burns however, they really want the company to abide by its promise.

Skeptics are raising concerns about the electric car giants inability to be able to achieve the “the low-end of the guidance full-year delivery guidance” but Dan Galves, the analyst at Credit Suisse is extremely confident on the subject since he holds the view that Tesla has the potential to achieve the impossible. The company has been granted a price target of $325 by Galves with an Outperform rating on Tesla stock.

As per the analyst, the chief executive officer of the company, Mr. Elon Musk has the ability to deal with the issues in a “positive manner” by the start of 2016 when the company unveils its delivery numbers for the fourth quarter fiscal year 2015. So if this is done, the market can streamline the company’s focus on the long term issues.

Apart from that, the company is expecting a 1000 incremental sales in the German market due to the tax rate by the start of 2016. This is likely to increase the prices of the Tesla cars by almost 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% gradually over the years to come. Moreover another 1000 incremental sales might happen in the United Kingdom since there was a backlog of the car orders for almost 11 months before the company rolled out the right hand drive “D”

The reservation orders for the Model X are being approached again by the company for deliveries as portrayed by Mr. Galves. Apart from that the company has also unveiled the entire specs along with the pricing of the company’s SUV which clearly indicates the increase in production is expected.

The report by Credit Suisse clears a lot of doubts regarding the production of Model X along with the full year target. The company has clarified over the passage of time that they are striving to improve its production levels that is likely to bolster the operational expenses. There is still hope for TSLA to fight back and redeem itself in the automotive industry as portrayed by Credit Suisse.



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