Google Shopping To Disrupt Amazon’s Strong Sales

Google Shopping To Disrupt Amazon's Strong Sales

The retail giant is expected to experience some serious blows in sales as Google comes up with a competitive edge to take away its limelight

Amazon Inc is believed to be on top of its game in the online shopping arena as it has been receiving more and more users on its apps for the past few years and has managed to make the idea of shopping on the internet without having to step out of the comfortable four walls of the home quite popular among the people in general.

However, analysts have recently started to come up with opinions that do not talk fondly of the command the retail giant has, as they believe the growing competition is something that cannot be ignored if one needs to study the growth and improvements of the online market.

Alphabet has rolled out a Google Shopping venture which is slowly gaining a lot of interest from all over the market. This is clearly being taken as a massive threat to the hold that Amazon business enjoys in the industry and analysts believe that things might not be as exciting for the investors in the short term as expected. According to a recent report, rivals like Walmart and Target are not being considered as competitive as before and the only competition that is making the retail company sweat at this point is the one that is being put up by the search engine giant.

In a recent report, Google business informed the market about how it records more than 30% of its total revenue coming in from the purchases of products made online, which is why it has directed all of its attention to Google Shopping, a new venture to further make it easier for the users to do online shopping without any hassles. By using their mobile phones only, the users will have their online shopping experience improved on many levels while the tech giant in return makes more space for itself to earn from the simple use of smart phones.

Google Shopping is also making it easy for the users to choose from not a vast variety of products, but from a narrow list of searches that it will present to the users when they initiate searching for their desired products. It has also been designed especially to give the users a look on the reviews of the items that they are choosing to buy, an option which has been deemed as a great approach to make the shopping experience a much improved one. Once they go through the details that the search engine provides them, the users are expected to choose their products more easily than they could before.


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