Apple Stock Needs To Look Beyond iPad Sales

Apple Stock Needs To Look Beyond iPad Sales

The software company is currently facing some lows in the sales of iPad Pro but analysts believe the giant can overcome that by entering the Internet of Things avenue

Apple Inc has been working along the fine lines of glory for the past decade, and has kept itself strong despite the lows it was expected to face after its leadership was transferred to Tim Cook from Steve Jobs. The software company has so far managed to stay on the top in the industry but lately, its stock has been experiencing some unexpected fluctuations which have started to make the investors and shareholders sweat. This downward activity on the stock is mainly coming from the bearish remarks of the analysts on the Street, but some analysts have turned back to being positive for the near term future of the giant.

Analysts in the market have turned positive towards Apple stock’s near term future despite the low sales the company is currently facing for its gadgets other than the iPhone. The software giant rolled out the iPad Pro only recently but it has not received satisfactory reviews for it, which has further hurt the sentiments of investors in the company. The new iPad has some new features to compliment the designs of the new product, but it looks like the customers are not satisfied enough with what the giant has to offer. All the new features like the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil have been dismissed by the critics and the gadget has been deemed as one which lacks innovation on the whole.

Remarks and comments such as these have clearly indicated that the customer interest in buying gadgets like the iPad is constantly on the decrease and the tech giant needs to come up with some new and exciting products to take place of the ones which are not proving to be of any good to the company. Sales of Apple iPad have already fallen by a massive 19.5% in the current year as compared to the previous one. Even then, the management of the giant turned out to make a sellout of 9.9 million iPads in the same year.

Analysts believe that the decline in the sales of the product has begun to take a toll on the company and to overcome that, the giant needs to turn its focus more towards the software and services industry. The first thing that the iPhone makers can do is take a step into making its space in the Internet of Things avenue, as analysts all around the industry think that this could turn out to be a possible million dollar deal for the company to take up if it manages to succeed in the field.


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