Apple Stock Might Get Affected By Unsatisfactory iPad Pro Sales

Apple Stock Might Get Affected By Unsatisfactory iPad Pro Sales

CEO Tim Cook believes that soon there will be abundance of iPad users replacing obsolete PC usage, but analysts do not agree.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has turned out to be exceptionally positive about the sale potential that the new iPad Pro has and analysts are not taking his statements very keenly, as they believe that the enthusiasm he might be showing towards the tablet could be something that the device does not really deserve.

According to an interview published in The Telegraph, Mr. Cook clearly showed how much he wants users using PCs to turn their attention towards the new gadget and switch all their computer and cloud activities from old school computers to the demands of the new technology.

According to the interview, Mr. Cook repeatedly stated that eventually, a time would come when users from PC will directly switch to Apple iPad, which will not only fulfill all their needs, but also prove as a complete package for them to solve all kinds of issues and carry out tasks without the need of a second device. He believes that once the user regains confidence in the portable gadget; it will be used for business, entertainment and reading activities by users without the need of any other device of the same kind.

However, analysts in the tech industry think this claim made by Cook is rather absurd, as the iPad Pro is not only an over-priced computer but also quite unreachable for more than the majority of the general computer users in the industry. Despite that fact, it cannot be denied that the company has also turned out to attain major progress in the sales of its products over the past few years and it was seen in a research report that around 64% of the total smart phones and devices users were actually using the iOS. This figure should to be taken into consideration provided how much space other rivals, such as Android, have created for themselves in the market as well.

The 64% usage of iOS seems interesting, but keeping in mind that it was being used by around 72% in the previous year, the usage is clearly coming down on the numbers and that too, with a huge difference. With this decline in the iOS users, analysts believe that the over-bullish outlook suggested by Cook towards the expected increase in sales of the iPads in the coming time does not make a lot of sense and it is probable that he would soon turn out to be wrong.

The high price of the iPad is another factor that just cannot be ignored if masses are taken into consideration.



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