What Investors Need To Know About Alphabet

What Investors Need To Know About Alphabet

The software giant seems to be in a good position on the index and that is mainly powered by the number of sales it has been making of its Android operating system

Alphabet Inc witnessed a very volatile October as its stock value increased by a massive 15.5% in the one month alone, which made the analysts talk about how much potential the new parent company of Google actually has. This increase in stock value was derived from the third quarter earnings report that was presented by the giant a few weeks back. All the equity firms believed that this improvement only elevated the position of the company even more on the stock and helped it to make its market hold even more prominent. For the full year, the growth turned out to be at a rise of 40%, which again brought some great outlooks by the equity analysts towards the tech giant’s stock.

As per some reports related to Alphabet’s subsidiary Google, it was seen that the giant is also looking towards bringing about some massive changes in the way Android has always worked. Recently a rumor was also seen circulating the market which stated that the search engine could possibly be thinking about cutting off Chrome OS and converting it in a way that would see its conversion with its much better and more popular operating system, reportedly the Android.

Reports suggest the tech giant has been thinking of the perfect strategies to speed up all the ways through which it can maximize its revenue generation in the best possible manner. Google business software developers have also been working for the past two fiscal 12-month periods to hike up a strategy which will see the combination of both the OS so that new software can be launched which has all the positives coming from both. Chrome OS and Chromebooks have been experiencing high sales for a long time now, being the most popular with students and small businesses.

However, analysts have come to the conclusion that this might not go on for too long and that the laptops have reached their higher level of success and do not have the capacity to grow further as far as sales are concerned. Back in 2014, the tech giant managed to score a sales figure of 72% of the Chromebooks which was by far the highest it ever reached since the beginning.

On the other hand, the success on the index that is being experienced by the Android developers is due to massive hold that the giant holds in the smart phone market as stats show that around 80% mobile phones which were bought by the customers in the previous quarter were powered by the operating system built by the tech giant.



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