Can Tesla Really Manage Record Sales in Fourth Quarter

Can Tesla Really Manage Record Sales in Fourth Quarter

The auto making giant is expected to make record sales of around 17,000-19,000 cars by the end of the Q4

Tesla Motors seems to be working on the top most lines in the auto industry, which have been confirmed further in the guidance report that was given by him to the shareholders and investors in the meeting held to announce the earnings for the quarter, which were welcomed by the market very warmly. Not only were the earnings very strong, they also showed that the giant has been meeting all its targets very comfortably in the market, which was actually deemed as an impossible task by the majority of the analysts who were analyzing the future of the giant.

Furthermore, the reason why the investor sentiment has been improved by a massive difference is because the automotive giant has been working very hard in a lot of different ways to revamp production of its new car and to increase the sales of Model S and Model X as well, which will add to the massive figure of sales which the giant is predicting to make in the next quarter.

According to the press release which was followed by the earnings call, the smart car makers informed the market that the number of electric vehicles they are expecting to sell by the end of the Q4 is to come around 17,000 to 19,000. Now these figures are not being believed by many of the analysts in the stock market as analysts believe that the slow production of Model X and the number of problems that have been faced by the auto company are a little bit too much to handle and might take their toll by slowing down the progress of sales in the future. However, there still are some analysts who are seen to be thinking differently.

According to the records available, it will be seen that Tesla has always made the correct guidance for all of its quarters, keeping in consideration the past ten fiscal periods which met all the sales figures just how the company though it would. Keeping this in mind, analysts are of the opinion that if the hybrid car makers are giving out such huge figures to consider, then there is sure something big to look forward to.

On the other hand, if the auto giant turns out to hit the sales predictions, then it is very likely that it will end up meeting its incredibly massive full year guidance figure of 50,000-55,000 electric cars to be sold by the end of 2015. For Tesla stock to keep its production pace in a better shape, analysts are also talking about how the giant needs to speed up Model X manufacturing so that all the estimations and guidance presented to the investors and shareholders can be met by the giant without much hassle.



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