Coca Cola Company Stock Update

Coca Cola Company Stock Update

The beverage company’s stock has declined in the past seven day, in the last trading session as well as in a month’s time, investors would be smart to be cautious while trading

During the recent session, Coca Cola Company’s stock traded at a loss with a decline of 0.55%. The last trade at the trading session was called off at $42.1.

Heightened volatility was witnessed on Friday during the trading session due to which the stock of the multinational corporation kept fluctuating. The trade began with a share price of $41.97; the shares were seen hit a low of $41.61 during the day. On the other hand, the shares went to a high of $42.215. Throughout the day, the share price was seen fluctuate between these two numbers. Presently, the market capitalization of Coca Cola is $182,483 million. The shares being traded in the trading session were 11,926,701 shares; further the shares in outstanding are 4,348,985,000 shares.

In the short term, the price target of the shares estimated by the analysts is $46. 11 analysts currently are agreeing with this consensus; the higher estimate made by the experts of the target price in the short run is $49 and the lower estimate made by the stock analysts of the target price in the short run is $41 with an additional standard deviation of $2.76. Furthermore, the highest share price that was witnessed in a time span of 52-weeks was $45 and the lowest share price that was observed in a time interval of 52-weeks was $36.56.

Analysts who have commented and shared their recommendations on the stock of the beverage company include JP Morgan. JP Morgan, a financial services firm that has covered the shares of Coca Cola and has maintained its views on the stock with a rating of Neutral, according to a report issued by the company on October 20, 2015. The financial services company has raised its target price from $46 per share to $48 per share..

The earnings per share reported by the beverage company are 1.56 along with a price to earnings ratio of 26.63. Insider Buying and Selling Activities have been witnessed in the company as well which were reported by the firm to the Securities and Exchange Commission. According to the disclosed information, the Executive Vice President of the multinational company, Finan Irial has sold as many as 280,000 shares. These shares have been sold a share price of $42.2 per share on November 2, 2015. The total transaction was worth $11,816,000 and was revealed by the company on a form 4 filing.

On separate news, in the last seven days the stock has lost 0.92% and has declined by 0.14% in the past 4 weeks. In comparison to the S&P 500, the shares have been at a loss of 1.86% while the shares of the beverage company have underperformed the index by as much as 4.15%. Investors should keep an eye on the shares for future reference and trade with further caution.


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