Apple Loses On Market Sales And Market Share

Apple Loses On Market Sales And Market Share

Apple and Samsung have experienced decline in sales and market share in the past year

Regardless of expensive or overpriced, Apple Inc. dominated the tablet market. Samsung along with other companies have been trying to compete it for a long time. However, in the tablet industry the two giants i.e. Apple and Samsung have not been quite good in the past year. It is believed that the companies experienced decline in sales of their respective tablets. Furthermore, IDC reports that along with decline in sales, the companies have lost a fair chunk of market share as well.

Apple and Samsung both have released their third quarter earnings for the fiscal year 2015 and this is fourth consecutive quarter where there has been no improvement shown in tablet sales. IDC research mentioned the iPad maker sold around 48.7 million units throughout the world where as 55.7 units or more were sold in the same quarter last year. Hence this makes it an 11.2 percent year on year decrease in sales. The reason because of which there is a drastic change might be because tablets are not as trendy or classy as they were at the time when initially introduced.

The smartphones are getting bigger in size and better in all factors hence consumers put less focus on tablets and invest more in the newer mobile phones. IDC reported further that a user who owns tablet will keep it for an average of four years. After that, an upgrade might be required.

Despite of the fact that the company has experienced decline in sales as well as lost its market share, but it holds the top position for tablet sales as of now. Its arch rival Samsung came in second position whereas Lenovo got the third position for tablet sales. According to a source, “The research firm attributes the decline in tablet sales on mature markets like North America, Western Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region; this is because it is estimated that in these markets, there are more than 100 million active tablets per region.”

IDC says that the company’s market share in the third quarter declined to 20.3 percent from 22.1 percent same time last quarter. Same way, Samsung faced a decline in year on year market share as well. Only Lenovo managed to slightly increase its market share on a year on year basis. But the competition is getting tough as Huawei is right round the corner to take Lenovo’s position and further impose a threat on the market leaders.


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