Tesla Might Achieve Its Target

Tesla Might Achieve Its Target

Tesla might pave its way back to redemption as portrayed by Credit Suisse

Tesla Motors Inc. has become the prime focus of analysts and investors due to the issues faced by the company. The issues are of diversified nature like the Model X production, full year guidance, not being able to deliver 500,000 cars by the fiscal year of 2020. Moreover, analysts at The Street are also okay with forgiving the car maker for extreme losses and cash burns however, they really want the company to abide by its promise.

Skeptics are raising concerns about the electric car giants inability to be able to achieve the “the low-end of the guidance full-year delivery guidance” but Dan Galves, the analyst at Credit Suisse is extremely confident on the subject since he holds the view that Tesla has the potential to achieve the impossible. The company has been granted a price target of $325 by Galves with an Outperform rating on Tesla stock.

As per the analyst, the chief executive officer of the company, Mr. Elon Musk has the ability to deal with the issues in a “positive manner” by the start of 2016 when the company unveils its delivery numbers for the fourth quarter fiscal year 2015. So if this is done, the market can streamline the company’s focus on the long term issues.

Apart from that, the company is expecting a 1000 incremental sales in the German market due to the tax rate by the start of 2016. This is likely to increase the prices of the Tesla cars by almost 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% gradually over the years to come. Moreover another 1000 incremental sales might happen in the United Kingdom since there was a backlog of the car orders for almost 11 months before the company rolled out the right hand drive “D”

The reservation orders for the Model X are being approached again by the company for deliveries as portrayed by Mr. Galves. Apart from that the company has also unveiled the entire specs along with the pricing of the company’s SUV which clearly indicates the increase in production is expected.

The report by Credit Suisse clears a lot of doubts regarding the production of Model X along with the full year target. The company has clarified over the passage of time that they are striving to improve its production levels that is likely to bolster the operational expenses. There is still hope for TSLA to fight back and redeem itself in the automotive industry as portrayed by Credit Suisse.



Google Shopping To Disrupt Amazon’s Strong Sales

Google Shopping To Disrupt Amazon's Strong Sales

The retail giant is expected to experience some serious blows in sales as Google comes up with a competitive edge to take away its limelight

Amazon Inc is believed to be on top of its game in the online shopping arena as it has been receiving more and more users on its apps for the past few years and has managed to make the idea of shopping on the internet without having to step out of the comfortable four walls of the home quite popular among the people in general.

However, analysts have recently started to come up with opinions that do not talk fondly of the command the retail giant has, as they believe the growing competition is something that cannot be ignored if one needs to study the growth and improvements of the online market.

Alphabet has rolled out a Google Shopping venture which is slowly gaining a lot of interest from all over the market. This is clearly being taken as a massive threat to the hold that Amazon business enjoys in the industry and analysts believe that things might not be as exciting for the investors in the short term as expected. According to a recent report, rivals like Walmart and Target are not being considered as competitive as before and the only competition that is making the retail company sweat at this point is the one that is being put up by the search engine giant.

In a recent report, Google business informed the market about how it records more than 30% of its total revenue coming in from the purchases of products made online, which is why it has directed all of its attention to Google Shopping, a new venture to further make it easier for the users to do online shopping without any hassles. By using their mobile phones only, the users will have their online shopping experience improved on many levels while the tech giant in return makes more space for itself to earn from the simple use of smart phones.

Google Shopping is also making it easy for the users to choose from not a vast variety of products, but from a narrow list of searches that it will present to the users when they initiate searching for their desired products. It has also been designed especially to give the users a look on the reviews of the items that they are choosing to buy, an option which has been deemed as a great approach to make the shopping experience a much improved one. Once they go through the details that the search engine provides them, the users are expected to choose their products more easily than they could before.

Apple Stock Needs To Look Beyond iPad Sales

Apple Stock Needs To Look Beyond iPad Sales

The software company is currently facing some lows in the sales of iPad Pro but analysts believe the giant can overcome that by entering the Internet of Things avenue

Apple Inc has been working along the fine lines of glory for the past decade, and has kept itself strong despite the lows it was expected to face after its leadership was transferred to Tim Cook from Steve Jobs. The software company has so far managed to stay on the top in the industry but lately, its stock has been experiencing some unexpected fluctuations which have started to make the investors and shareholders sweat. This downward activity on the stock is mainly coming from the bearish remarks of the analysts on the Street, but some analysts have turned back to being positive for the near term future of the giant.

Analysts in the market have turned positive towards Apple stock’s near term future despite the low sales the company is currently facing for its gadgets other than the iPhone. The software giant rolled out the iPad Pro only recently but it has not received satisfactory reviews for it, which has further hurt the sentiments of investors in the company. The new iPad has some new features to compliment the designs of the new product, but it looks like the customers are not satisfied enough with what the giant has to offer. All the new features like the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil have been dismissed by the critics and the gadget has been deemed as one which lacks innovation on the whole.

Remarks and comments such as these have clearly indicated that the customer interest in buying gadgets like the iPad is constantly on the decrease and the tech giant needs to come up with some new and exciting products to take place of the ones which are not proving to be of any good to the company. Sales of Apple iPad have already fallen by a massive 19.5% in the current year as compared to the previous one. Even then, the management of the giant turned out to make a sellout of 9.9 million iPads in the same year.

Analysts believe that the decline in the sales of the product has begun to take a toll on the company and to overcome that, the giant needs to turn its focus more towards the software and services industry. The first thing that the iPhone makers can do is take a step into making its space in the Internet of Things avenue, as analysts all around the industry think that this could turn out to be a possible million dollar deal for the company to take up if it manages to succeed in the field.

Novartis Settles: Pays $390 Million As Settlement

Novartis Settles Pays $390 Million As Settlement

The drug maker has agreed to pay an amount of $390 million as settlement for the allegations made against it.

A settlement by Novartis AG has been finalized with the Justice Department of $390 million concerning the rebates that the pharmaceutical company has paid to specialty pharmacies. It was agreed and decided that the pharma company will pay the amount as part of a settlement which occurred due to the company paying kickbacks as rebates in an attempt to hike the prescription of certain drugs made by the company.

The drugs that were included in the settlement were Exjade – deferasirox which is a treatment for iron reduction specifically for patients who go through blood transfusion, Myfortic – mycophenolic acid specifically for patients who undergo kidney transplants. According to the agreed settlement, Novartis Pharma Company will introduce improved procedures and policies for a certain arrangement that are to be made with specialty pharmacies on a daily basis. Furthermore, training to Novartis employees will be provided and along with that the company’s annual report will also be shared with the government.

The initiation of this issue was back in 2007 when the company’s drug Exjade did not achieve the targeted sales that were anticipated by the pharmaceutical company. The sole reason as to why it did not meet the expected sales was because of the side effects of the drug. The drug has a severe side effect which can result in liver and kidney failure. Since the healthcare company went into a state of alarm when the sales did not reach the predicted sales that it started to boost it sales by pressurizing the specialty pharmacies. They would force nurses to introduce the drug to the patients and convince them to get refills of the drug by conducting clinical meetings and educational sessions.

An allegation against the drug-making company was filed back in January 2011 by David Kester in the Federal Court in Manhattan. According to his allegations, he accused the drug maker of giving high kickbacks to specialty pharmacies some of which were Caremark, CVS for the sole reason of increasing its sales specifically for five of its medicines which included Exjade, Tasigna, Myfortic, cystic fibrosis drug, Gleevec. The allegations were done based on the adverse effects that were witnessed from these drugs.

A similar situation arose initially in another pharmaceutical company called GlaxoSmithKline for which the healthcare company had to pay a settlement of $3 billion. The allegations made against GSK were civil and criminal claims that the company was seeking to promote and increase the sales of two of its drugs.

In the company’s defense, back in October, Joe Jimenez chief executive officer stated that the sole reason as to why the company went forth with these actions and rebates for the pharmacies was to make sure that the patients were getting the full medicine course that they required.




Microsoft Stock Shows Strength In Smartphone Industry

Microsoft Stock Shows Strength In Smartphone Industry

The company has released a new feature on Lumia 950 that is sure to take its stock up on the index.

Microsoft Corporation might be a strong company in the tech industry but the fact that it has some major rivals, such as Apple and Alphabet to look up to, can never be denied. The company has been facing trouble in sales and business for some time now and has failed to be as quick to climb the ladder of success as its rivals did.

However, the software side of the company is believed to be doing wonders to the stock and this is majorly supported by the strengths it has shown with the launch and release of Windows 10. The smartphone market has proved to be a difficult market to enter for the tech giant but analysts believe that there still is a lot to look forward for the company’s growth in the coming days.

Analysts who were previously keeping a bearish look on the Microsoft stock are slowly turning towards the bullish side, considering the positives they are seeing in the new Windows recently launched. The new operating system has helped the organization to regain the long lost attention that it once had in the software industry, as only after weeks of the actual launch of the Windows, there were more than millions of downloads of the system with great reviews pouring in from every part of the industry.

Analysts first believed that the business might see its progress slowed down over the period, given how more users are now seen opting for either iOS or Android phones to be used for daily purpose, but this recent launch changed many opinions.

Microsoft shares are currently in a position that could do with some great sales and bullish outlooks from the analysts in the industry. As for now, it looks like the business might need more sales to boost the prospects. The software company has launched a new feature on Lumia 950, which is being considered by analysts as really unique and useful, and it has an edge that it has been looking for to compete with other companies.

The ‘Continuum’ has been released by the software company in the Lumia 950 and has the capability to turn itself into a computer just by being attached to a screen. By owning that phone model, the users will not be needed any other phone or gadget, as it will serve as a complete package for all purposes. This presents an edge against other rivals.


Walmart Posts 2000 Cyber Monday Deals

Walmart Posts 2000 Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is going to be the biggest shopping spree this year by launching 2000 new deals to compete with Amazon.

Walmart is not planning to stay behind this holiday season and has made a decision that Cyber Monday is going to be the biggest shopping day of this year. It is competing with Amazon, which has launched its Black Friday discount deals early this year. The retail chain is not willing to stay behind evidently and has plans to offer almost 2000 items on sale and at a bigger discount than it provided the previous year.

Walmart stores will start the sale on 2000 items on Sunday after Thanksgiving at 8:00 p.m. instead of early hours on Monday like it used to before. These deals are going to be offered on Sunday for the first time instead on November 29. This is being done so that the company can provide a better experience to its customers who will be browsing for product on a Sunday night and had to wait before. They will no longer have to do that but can continue shopping early.

The company is not the only one who launches the special deals on Cyber Monday, as other shopping platforms do the same. However, many in the market now are planning to make the discounts last on their platforms for a long time this year. Amazon started its discounts on November 20, a week earlier to Black Friday, starting the holiday season early this year.

Walmart Wholesale is under pressure due to the predicted online sales expectation to increase by 8% this year worth $106 billion. According to the National Retail Federation, this is going to be more than brick and mortar stores, which leaves the company worried.

The chief executive of Walmart, Fernando Madeira, said that due to easy access to the internet, the strategy of limiting the sales on the event to Monday is no longer necessary now. He said, “It can be exhausting for working parent and millennials to stay up past midnight to shop online, only to wake up early the next day to get ready for work. By starting cyber Monday hours earlier on Sunday evening and quadrupling the number of Cyber Monday specials, we’re making it easier for customer to get ahead of the busiest online shopping day of the year and save on the best gifts.”


 shopping online is offering in-store pickups, and it sales are lesser than Amazon which makes the service come under pressure easily. It is also offering free shipment if orders are more than $50 this time.

Walmart stock closed at $60.08, going red by -1.02% on November 20.

Amazon Stock Price Goes Up By 0.22% In Holiday Season

Amazon Stock Price Goes Up By 0.22% In Holiday Season

The retail company is the first choice of around 51% customers for shopping online in the holiday season

Amazon.com seems to be enjoying the attention it is getting in the current holiday season, as its share price goes up on the index by 0.22% according to the last trade that took place in the stock market. The share price that was recorded by the end of the session turned out to be $665 and financial analysts believe that this increment on the index is majorly because of the interest customers are showing to shop online on the e-commerce platform. The idea of shopping online has turned out to be very popular among customers now, and this has been confirmed by a poll that was taken in November.

As per the poll results of around 3,462 adults, a massive 51% chose Amazon over every other shopping platform to carry out their shopping activities which has been taken very positively by the analysts covering the retailer’s stock. The figure in favor of shopping on the giant’s shopping space has turned out to be colossal as compared to the percentage of customers who have chosen other retailers on the poll. A report by Reuters suggests that only 2% choose to shop at Macy’s while, 3% of the people wish to shop at Target. As for shoppers at Walmart, the percentage of customers who choose it over other options came around 16% only.

The results that have been attained by the poll clearly showed the dominance online retail companies have in the industry as more and more customers choose to stay at home and get all their shopping done without stepping out of their homes. Even though reports show that all the retail companies have been making efforts to bring back customers to shopping physically by visiting the retail stores and not just on the internet, but Reuters believes that all such attempts seem to be failing badly without budging the customers at any point.

However, analysts at the Street are of the opinion that Amazon stock value presently deserves a ‘hold’ rating and with that the giant has been presented with a ‘C’ score on the stock. The reasons given by the analysts to support such a rating are the mixed business activities being done by the company, in which some are radiating positivity for the short term future while some of them might not be as fruitful for the stock. The strength relies in the growing net income of the retail giant whereas the disappointments have been in the cash returns on equity that have been lower than expected.