Microsoft Earnings Report for 1QFY16

Microsoft Earnings Report for 1QFY16

The software company has reported an EPS of 57 cents, whereas the revenue has turned out to be at $20.4 billion

Microsoft Corporation released its earnings report for the last quarter of 2015 on Thursday, right after the trading for the day ended. The software company was seen to report revenue of around $20.4 billion which indicated that the giant has gone through a huge dip of around 12 percent on a year over year basis. The operating income expenses have come out to be at $5.8 billion whereas the earnings per share of the three month financial period turned out to be 57 cents, which was only a cent less than what the Street analysts had expected out of the company.

The fact that Microsoft stock has turned out to miss out the estimations of the equity firms has put the investors off a little bit but on the other hand, the stronger ground that the software giant currently stands on is its cloud business which seems to be boosting the business with some renewed strengths. As for the Office 365 user base, it has grown by a huge figure of 3 million in the last three financial months which has made the total users to stand at around 18.2 million for the cloud computing software. The growth is also being seen to be by 70 percent, which is massive in the analysts’ eyes.

The sales of its cloud computing service, the Azure, also showed colossal signs of increment in which the numbers came around to be at 135 percent and is being considered by the analysts as a huge breakthrough for the company in the industry. In the earnings call, it was also reported that the software giant turned out to experience doubled figure for the users on the cloud services and the total revenue that was attained from the department also saw an increase by 13 percent.

The management of the Microsoft business has also emerged to be very positive about the way things seem to be going within the company. However, the sectors in the company which were the most down in the earnings were of the smart phones as well as the sales of Surface tablets, which was due to the increasing sale of Surface Pro laptops which were recently released in the market with a new version.


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