Alibaba Receives A Downgrade From Jefferies

Alibaba Receives A Downgrade From Jefferies

The retail company is all set to report an EPS of $0.54 in the upcoming earnings call

Alibaba Group Holdings has recently been covered by the analysts at Jefferies in which it has been provided with rankings based on the much talked about results obtained from Analysys International China’s list of 200 mobile apps which is based on the user base that was observed by the analysts of the research team. The research note that was released for the investors showed that the retail giants ended up receiving around four different titles out of the list of the top twenty of mobile apps for the month of September. This shows an imminent increase in the success rate given how the giant has only 3 smart phone apps in the top 20 back in June 2015.

Alibaba business experienced a massive change in the rankings it received from Analysys in the past, which were recorded to be on the 12 rating back in the month of September, which was further seen to boost the overall ratings of the giant. On the other hand, the rankings for mobile videos also showed a massive increase in the year over year numbers that were noted down by the company. According to the analysis made by the analysts at Jefferies, all the focus has been given to how the retail selling platform has put all of its attention of reaching a target of RMB 80 billion which simply shows how much the giant is indicating signals that will ensure a huge growth rate in a very little time. If the figure targets are met by the company than an increase of 40.1 percent will be observed on a year over year basis.

Furthermore, Alibaba financial team has rolled out a new plan of boosting up the technology and ideas being used by around 1,000 companies in the market and that plan has been named as the ‘Internet Booster’ by the company. Also, this new plan will be implemented in a period of five years, by the end of which the desired results will be achieved by the firm.

As for the consumer spending, it has been proposed by Jefferies that it is probable that the spendings experience a huge fall in the near term, and this will mostly include commodities which are luxury items. This dip in basically going to be because of the downfall China has lately been facing the worldwide market. The retailers are all set to announce their earnings for the quarter on October 27, in which the estimated revenue to be earned by the giant is to come around $3.36 billion with an EPS of $0.54.

Alibaba stock was down 1.23% to $71.76 at market close on Tuesday Oct 20th.



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