Apple Invests In Employees Through Restricted Stock Program

Apple Invests In Employees Through Restricted Stock Program

Apple to offer a restricted stock program to employees to motivate them.

MacRumors, the popular platform for Apple Inc. news and updates recently reported that the chief executive officer Mr. Tim Cook has told the employees of the company that they are working on a new stock incentive program. This program will allow the company’s employees to have restricted Stock Units.

As per the recent information about the stock options are only available on the company’s top leadership along with other teams deployed on product development. Moreover, individuals who are working for AppleCare and retails stores are also liable to get these stock grants.

An email was circulated within the company which was acquired by 9to5Mac where Mr. Cook himself announced the recent program. According to Mr. Cook, the company’s assets are its employees that are extremely valued for the services they offer and devotion they have for the organizations. On behalf of the entire team at Apple, he thanked everybody for their efforts and contributions to the company.

The Apple employees are granted permission to buy the “Employee Stock Purchase Plan. However, the Restricted Stock Units are awarded as a compensation or incentive so that the employees are motivated to carry out better. The validity of these stocks is not limited and they are valid for a good time span. So, all those workers who stay long at the form will get more RSUs during their service. As per 9To5Mac, the company has already given these grants whose price range is between $1000- $2000 worth Apple stock.

Apart from that, many analysts also believe that the reason behind this strategy by Apple is to retain workers and prevent them from leaving. AAPL is known to invest a lot in employee satisfaction and are anxious to keep them content and motivated. The only issue with this venture is that employees cannot really cash the incentives there and then but will have to wait an year or so to enjoy the amenities. In the Silicon Valley, it is common that workers change jobs quite frequently since other competitors also offer similar benefits. The RSUs are a great compensation but the barrier is that they cannot allow the employees to take part in company’s operations.

So whatever the scenario might be, it can be seen easily that the company care about its employees. In the times to come, consumers and analyst will be able to determine the benefits of the employees will enjoy from these RSUs which Mr. Cook has offered to them.


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