What Do Analysts Think of Verizon Stock?

What Do Analysts Think of Verizon Stock?

The wireless company is expected to report an EPS of $1.02 in the upcoming quarter report

Verizon Communications is being looked at by the analysts with a much closer look than before, and the shares of the company are showing strength to touch a value which is somewhere between $45 and $57, in the upcoming period of 12 months. These expectations have been released by the Street analysts and the highest price target for the wireless company to reach in a year is reported as $51.76. This figure has been obtained from the consensus rating of all the equity firms in the market which have been covering Verizon stock of the telecommunication company.

Verizon wireless giant is also expected to hit earnings per share for the current quarter at $1.02, which shows that the company has managed to make the analysts quite positive about its stock for the near future. Furthermore, the giant has scheduled for its earnings to take place on October 20. Since the wireless giant announced earnings for the last fiscal quarter to come around $1.04 per share, the expectations for the next quarter at $1.02 show that the communication company might not be reporting such a great quarter after all. Depending on the ratings of analysts at Zacks, the rankings which are received by every company are based on all the different ratings it receives from different financial firms, and the consensus value is taken out after close analyzing the difference of opinions and predictions.

Analysts at Zacks provide every company ratings on a scale of 1 to 5, which reportedly has made it easier for not only the investors to know the proper time to make their investments or to withdraw them, but also gives other analysts an idea about where the company could be headed. Verizon business has attained a 1.96 rating score from the same analysts, which means that they are thinking more about giving it a ‘buy’ ranking instead of a ‘sell’ one, which shows their bullish sentiments towards the giant. The rating has been derived from different rankings provided to the wireless business from analysts all over the market.

For a full term earnings report, the company is expected to report an EPS of $3.98. However, this is just an average of all the estimations received by all the firms in the industry, as one of the analyst firm thinks that the giant is capable of reporting an EPS of $4.13 for the 12 month period, whereas the lowest estimations are seen to be touching $3.76 by another firm.


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